The 2014 BASF Kids’ Lab in Singapore

About BASF
BASF is the world’s leading chemical company and has been operating in Singapore since 1978.

About BASF Kids’ Lab
In 1997, BASF set up its first Kids’ Lab in Ludwigshafen, Germany. To this day, Kids’ Lab has been launched in 33 countries. Since its inception, more than 200,000 have attended workshops/events organised by Kids’ Lab.

In 2003, Kids’ Lab was set up in Singapore. It is expected that more than 1,000 children aged 6 to twelve would be attending this year’s Kids’ Lab workshops. Interactive experiments were conducted so that children could learn first hand, about science.

The partners who work with BASF to make this happen
Playeum, or The Play Museum, worked together with National Library Board to organise Kids’ Lab for 2014. For a span of almost 2 weeks, with 4 workshops running back to back, more than 1,000 kids had the opportunity to get in touch with chemistry. The public runs spanned from 31 May to 7 June.

Our experience

OK, here goes.

By chance, we got a place for Tofu Boy to attend the above. I knew about this BASF Kids’ Lab a year or two back, but it didn’t resurface again until we got this opportunity to attend this year (ok, I only got to stand outside the glass panel and watched [:razz:] ).

This year’s experiments were the same as 2013 – water storage experiment and water purification experiment. According to insider’s source, the same experiments were chosen because so many kids were disappointed in 2013 when they couldn’t get a place in the many workshops run. Their feedback had been heard and acted upon and viola! We had the same experiments back again!

This year’s Kids’ Lab was held at Jurong Regional Library. We were greeted by attentive and efficient staff at the Kids’ Lab reception table. These staff were really efficient and professional. I had quite forgotten how things should be having been kept waiting or needing to fish out our names from those long name lists when registering attendance during other similar situations. They politely asked if they could use our photos and names for the publications.

Honestly, I was very impressed with this group of folks running the workshop. Having attended no less than a dozen free/paid workshops/events run by various organisations in the recent weeks, I believe this should be the best in terms of the manpower and logistical issues.

Strategic stations were set up for signing in, issuance of name tag (stickers on left forearm)/ lab glasses/ lab aprons, organising the kids at the holding area/into the venue, getting the kids to listen and pay attention.

While they only provided lab glasses in one size (and it’s not kid’s size), Eugene, the staff manning the lab glasses desk, took time to humour the children and helped them with adjusting the glasses.


Two young ladies personally helped each kid to don his/her apron. Each kid was given a small notebook and a pen. The children got to work with real lab apparatus.


gotta take my hands off this group of staff. Look at the children! So obedient and organised! As a parent, I really liked what I had seen and was assured that my child would be in good hand.

As the room was sound proofed, I couldnt hear what was going on in the room. However, I could tell, that most (if not all) of the kids understood the requirements and could follow. There were staff walking around, helping those who got stuck.

If what my eyes had seen could shed lights into the kids’ future, I could almost be certain that i was looking at a room full of future scientists! All the children took their work seriously, following the instructions and raising their hands when they needed clarifications.

At the end of the workshop, the kids were given some time to pen their thoughts on a BASF sticker. You get an idea how many happy kids were here.

We left the workshop with:

– BASF recycled bag, notebook and a pen.
– A certificate of participation (no name printed).
– A beaming Tofu boy who asked for books on water purification and his very own set of lab apparatus.
– another great memory made possible with the help of various people we had met.

A special note about the group of staff running the workshop:
Much to my surprise, this group of young people were not working for BASF. They were a group of NUS science students on a holiday part time job. Thank you very much to these young people and Playeum. My child, together with many others, had taken away useful information from the 1.5 hour workshop and we hope more Kids’ Lab workshops can be organised and reach out to even more kids in Singapore.


Not sure how to upload the pictures. But you can view the photos here:

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