The Armless Pianist

I first came across this young armless pianist in the show China’s Got Talent 2010 and was deeply inspired by his unwavering determination and immense talent.

He lost both his arms in an accident at the tender age of 10. Watching him play the piano with his toes, many in the audience were moved to tears, including me. In an interview, he told the host of the China’s Got Talent show that his life motto is this: "I can choose to either die as quickly as possible, or to live a brilliant life." Obviously he made the latter choice and not surprisingly, he was crowned the winner of China’s Got Talent 2010.

This armless guy’s name is Liu Wei, aged 23, from Beijing. His life story is so moving and inspirational that I feel compelled to share it here. What is most admirable about him is that he does not focus on his misfortune and disability, but what he has and could do despite his disability. He said, "at least I have a pair of perfect legs." And true indeed, he could do almost anything most of us could including changing his own clothes, eating, swimming, playing the piano (and beautifully too!) except shaking hands. I was quite sad to see that he could not carry his own trophy when he won the contest, nor shake the hand of people who congratulated him on his win.

But I was very very happy for him, that his talent is now internationally recognised — Hongkong celebrity Andy Lau wanted to write songs with him, and he was invited on The Guinness World Records show in Italy. His future will be bright because of his positive attitude towards life, his sheer determination and ‘never-give-up’ perseverance against the odds.

I hope Liu Wei’s testimony will encourage and motivate some of us who may be going through a difficult time. Someone once told me this: When God closes a door, He will open a window". So don’t give up on life, no matter how tough the going is. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

good example for children

good example for children

 touching life example

 touching life example

Hi All, I agree.  there are

Hi All,

I agree. 

there are only two ways to go on with life, one is to die quickly, another is to live life to the fullest.

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