The Believer Music Difference – made learning music possible for everyone


Many people dream of playing an instrument, but few have managed to make that a reality on their own. Realizing this, Believer Music has made learning music possible for everyone. 

20,000 Trained!

For more than 18 years, Believer Music has offered contemporary music courses to over 20,000 students, empowering them to achieve their musical aspirations.

Believer Music has set itself apart from the usual curriculum of other music centres, by offering a syllabus which combines thematic content integrated with music pedagogy.


100% Inspiration

Believer Music’s all-rounded approach to music instruction journeys beyond mere technique, offering students fresh discovery and perspective about life and meaning.

With an average class size of four to eight, Believer Music embeds social interaction within the learning process, quickening the learner’s music-social development.


100% Motivation

If you’re a parent with a teenage kid in today’s modern world, you’re likely to notice them zoning out with a pair of headphones plugged in at some point. They appear to be absorbed with music, distant and detached. At Believer Music, we harness the power of music to connect with your child, and to inspire new life in them.  Our goal is to motivate them towards success.


The Difference That Music Can Make



Stress-relief from exams

(According to the National Center for Biotechnological Information, exposure to music facilitates faster recovery for the autonomic nervous system.)

Stress-relief from work

(The National Academy of Sciences of the USA has found that music exposure increases the release of dopamine, which is a major factor in the human brain’s pleasure and reward system)

Healthy avenue to expend energy

(The American Heart Association has discovered that music can boost physical health as well, by dilating the inner linings of blood vessels to boost heart health.)

Work-life balance

(The National Center for Biotechnological Information tested 112 employees and found that playing music showed statistically significant reductions in burnout and mood dimensions.)

Find an identity through music

(Studies by the University of Glasgow confirm that music creates a lasting impact on individuals for the rest of their lives.)

Re-live childhood dreams

(The Australian Council for the Arts found that while 70% of adults wish they had learned music during their youth, only 20% of children take up an instrument.)

Sharpen one’s mind for the future

(The University of Kansas Medical Center found that adults with musical experience in their younger years performed significantly better in cognitive tests.)

Prevent negative effects of aging

(The National Center for Biotechnological Information revealed that elderly subjects with prior musical expertise had markedly improved preserved cognitive functioning and other executive processes)


Wide Spectrum of Courses for All

Believer Music offers 7 types of courses that are suited for young and old alike.

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboard
  • Voice
  • Ukulele
  • Cajon

Whether or not you or your child has experience playing one of these, don’t fret, because whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced learner, we’ll always have something for you. Courses for each instrument are available at multiple levels of mastery.


Make-up for Missed Lessons

Make-up lessons are free of charge and students can move between branches flexibly if they need. Our online member’s portal means that you can make these changes anywhere and anytime. And a three-tier monitoring system facilitated by our coaching staff watches over student progress so that no one falls behind. Everyone is special to us. 


Conveniently Located near MRT Stations

All of our branches are located next to MRT stations. Find us at Tampines Plaza, International Plaza, and One Commonwealth.


Easy Online Registration

Our online member’s portal means that registration is available 24/7. For more information, come and visit our website at:


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For enquiries, call our hotline at 6323 0304.

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