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The Benefits of Good Study Posture for Kids

Did you know that good sitting posture is linked to increased concentration? The height of the table and chair plays a huge part. For some of us, allowing our kids to study at the dining table or even coffee table is a common occurrence, and our kids have to adjust their posture to fit the table height. But it should be the other way around – we should be adjusting the height of the table and chair to suit the child instead.

ErgoStudy designs study tables and chairs that are height-adjustable, making them the perfect study companions for your kids. The study tables are also equipped with tilt-able tabletops, so you can adjust the angle to better suit activities like reading, writing or drawing. And because of their adjustability, the study tables and chairs can see your kids through their primary, secondary and even university days.

Good sitting posture benefits our kids, and us, in a number of ways:

It facilitates optimised breathing

Good posture straightens and supports the body’s natural curve and shape, which results in better breathing and an increase in oxygen absorption.

It improves blood circulation

With the furniture at a correct height, your child’s feet should be able to comfortably reach the floor and not dangle above the ground. This leads to better blood circulation. 

It improves concentration

Because sitting properly results in better blood circulation, breathing and an increase in oxygen intake, concentration is seen to improve.

It reduces the risk of Myopia

A healthy distance between your child’s eyes and the reading material, coupled with good lighting, will reduce the risk of Myopia, or short-sightedness.

It reduces health complications

Bad posture can result in several health complications over time, such as an increase in back aches and pains, strained neck, poor blood circulation, and more. A good sitting posture will help keep these health risks at bay.

Switching to a proper study table and chair can make huge difference in the lives of our kids. A small step in the right direction can save them from a future of aches and pains, and worse – bad posture habits.

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