The Boxcar Children

Another great book for children: The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

This book is available from the National Library. Enter Author or name: Kate Deal, Keywords : Boxcar children. You can place a reservation and collect at any branch near you.

I have been trying to find this book in local bookshops like Kinokuniya, but it is not available. I managed to borrow it from the library.

It was a wonderful book. Here is a review from

This pleasant story opens as four tired and hungry siblings, aged 5 to 15, press their noses against a bakery window, eyeing the lovely goodies inside. They have recently lost their parents and are on the run from their mean grandfather, whom they have never met. They find an abandoned boxcar in the woods, set up housekeeping, and live quite happily on berries, bread, and a little meat bought with the oldest boy’s gardening pay. Life is very good until one of the girls becomes sick and they must tell an adult about where they live.

The book was written in the 1942 by a teacher who cleverly used only the 500 most common words in the English language to create a very easy to read, yet exciting, beginning chapter book for 7 and 8 year olds. Most of the story concerns the children’s sense of fun and boundless resourcefulness, as they take care of themselves, all the while being cheerful and thankful for what they have. Children who are ready for a chapter book will be delighted to find this one is very easy to read. They will enjoy the children’s adventure of living in the woods without adults, and, of course, it has a very happy ending. This book is the first (and I think the best) of a very long series of adventures for the Boxcar Children.

My 6 year old girl finished reading the book within 3 hours one night. The next day, she took out the book and started to read from the beginning again.

As an adult, I was really moved by the book too. It teaches children about poverty, how to survive when parents were gone, independence, and sibling love. This book is excellent.

This book is roughly equivalent to Ladybird Peter and Jane series book 10. It is very easy to read. I highly recommend parents to let their kids read this book, together with My Father’s Dragon:

My 5 year old boy has finished reading My Father’s Dragon, and he insists on reading the 2 sequels: "Elmer and the dragon" and "The Dragons of Blueland". It is really a joy listening to him read every day.

Another reason to go to the

Another reason to go to the library!

Thanks Tam.  Now to find time to bring the kids to library.

Just placed library

Just placed library reservation for both "My father’s dragon" and "the boxcar children" ! Please keep yuor recommendation coming …

Dear all

You are welcome. It’s my pleasure to share wonderful books for all kids to read 🙂

Thank you!

My DD is always finishing her books very quickly, including chapter books. I like the summary and I think she will too. I’ll try finding it at the library. Thanks! 🙂

You really motivated us to

You really motivated us to choose interesting and wonderful books for our kids. Thx, Tamarind!

wow, really can't judge a

wow, really can’t judge a book by its cover.

Thanks for the recommendation. will search for it.

Another to add to my list

Thanks for the great recommendation. Although my kids are not ready to read chapter books yet, will add this to my reading list for future reference.

Thanks Tamarind

Thanks for the great review on such wonderful books!

Will do my search too pretty soon.

Good Review, tamarind.. ;)

Good review, tamarind.

I’m gonna scour the library

for these books really soon.

Thank you… Just hope that

it won’t all be lent out by our

fellow parents by the time i

get to the library bah..



From the library

When searching for other books in the library, just enter Keywords: Boxcar children, Author or name: Warner.
The book I borrowed is the first book in the series, illustrated by Kate Deal. It is a nice hard cover book.

mathsparks, clarabella,
Thanks for sharing. I will go ahead and get the other books in the series for my kids !

Ah, I had forgotten all

Ah, I had forgotten all about the Boxcar Children!  Thanks for posting about this, Tamarind.  Last year my DS1 read the first eight in the series and then we forgot all about Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny as we moved on to other adventure series.  Anyway, I agree that these are a good read 🙂  Our favourite was The Yellow House Mystery – very exciting!

  The boxcar series



The boxcar series is my daughter’s fav when she’s in Pri school. She’s read almost all of them. I had to keep a list of what she’s read to avoid re-borrowing.

My son has read some of them too. Thanks tamarind for sharing the series with parents.

Thanks Tamarind. Will check

Thanks Tamarind. Will check them out.  Just saw the order form – per set is S$55-S$76.Didnt know i can get them from library – save me from buying ;-p

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