The Cashier From H*ll

As usual hubs sms me to buy, and as usual promising a night to remember… this time via sms.

And what coincidence i was again at 7-11, but another outlet. Not so full crowd, but very sexually-deprived auntie (i think).. Read on..

Cashier : Yes, NEXT! (In a very loud booming voice)

Me : Hi! Yes, that wud be me.. (Preparing my cash)

Cashier : (As if intentionally ignoring the box of Fetherlites totally, when i actually put it on top to go in the bag first…) Donut. "Teet!" 8 days "Teet!" Drinks. "Miss, dis one buy one get one free, you want same flavour?" (Booming voice again)

Me : Oh, is that right? Ok then, same flavour. Thank you.

Cashier : Ok miss, that’ll be $7.50 altogether. (Loudly)

Me : Ermm, that one also mine (pointing to the golden box-almost whispering-nice looking hunk behind me..)

Cashier : Haaah?!? Oh yours, haaa!! Ok, gimme a second. (As if tormenting me further…)

Cashier : "Teet Teet!" "Huh?" (Try again) "Teet Teet!" "Eh, how come dis one cannot scan one haa?" (Shouting to the back)

Another staff behind : What thing, auntie?

Cashier : Dis one lah the comdoms, Feeee….derrr….lite ah (Trying to blend the phonetic sounds for eternity!)

Another staff from behind : ( Came out like fed up must come out and get it done herself ) "Tap tap tippity tap tap…" "There auntie done!"

"Whose one ah?"

Cashier : This miss here. (Pointing to me!)

Another staff behind : Ok miss, including the condoms $10.40.

I quickly paid. Exact change. Then the staff from behind asked.

"Need a separate bag for your THIS? (Holding it up)

Me : Its okay, I’m good. Thank you.

And i popped it in my bag, never looking back.

Very bad hor..

Now you know why i said aunties might be sexually deprived..



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ROLF! buds chanced in on this


buds chanced in on this – clutching my tummy now…

What pleases me most is i am not the only one who under goes this torture – but mine was not half as bad as yours




Not so funny..

Quote amylqf, "That’s so so so funny!"

Yeh, when i read it back again.. it IS hilarious!!! Kekekekeke..

It wasn’t funny then when i was still standing at that counter for eternity! *faint* These days however, i find that it’s quite well stocked… perhaps hubs signed lifetime deal with Durex for that 99% assurance. LOLz!

That's so so so funny!

That’s so so so funny!

Regards to Aunties need it...badly

Hi Buds,

Thanx! Is that how i should address u? Lol… laughing too much tummyache leh… 

Really I believe u’r pretty humourous too ya? πŸ˜‰ Sry, i mean u r PRETTY n Humourous too lah. =D

Thank u..thank u hor.  for the warm welcome lo. hehe… Nah, wasnt bcos of the valentine’s day that why i’d pick this nick… hahaha.. Thanks for yr reply too. You r friendly in nature too.

Errrrrrmmm.. regards to the need some fast and furious action too!!!!" Hmmm.. I nt too sure if i got u right lor? haha… Oh btw hw’s ur valentine’s day??? Wink wink…huh?

Yes, I ll look forward to MORE LAUGHTER lo.. Have a blessed week ahead.

…still in the pot..

The AUNTIES need it.... badly!

Woi! Whaddya mean trying not to laugh too hard? Try harder!!!


Welcome… Welcome… Inspired_love!

How apt this nick in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, ay?

Btw, RE-TRAINING sounds gooooood! The aunties need it! Hahahaha!

They need some fast and furious action too!!! Know what i mean? 

You’re most welcome! Yup, laughter is INDEED the best medicine.

And you’re in the right place my love…. in KiasuParents you’ll have aplenty!!!




Cant Stop Laughing.. LOL...

Geee! Hahaha… *trying nt to laugh too hard* so funny …LOL… Sry  but thanx buds for sharing! It brighten up my morning instantly lo. hehee…

My first post I read here after I registered. WoooHOooo!!

Ah Yooo Goodness!  What a CASHIERs & SERVICE STAFFS lol!!!  Surely can imagine & understd how u would hv felt. Imagine u gg thru moments of embarrassment… … (probably wld love to suddenly disappear lo.)

It is so real in our daily life lo NOT funny at all if happen to us lo hor?!!!. Ahyo….the Services staffs need to b more sensitive to others needs mah! LOL…  SEND THEM BACK FOR RETRAINING hor??!!!  

Thanx again for the laughter u bring to us. Hope u did enjoyed ur nite lo. hehee…

 Laughters works beta than any medicines produces a merry .


Β This is super-hilarious!


This is super-hilarious! LOL

But I believe this is not the first time I’ve read someone share about an awkward position with the cashier,concerning purchased condoms! Nevertheless,this one tops the rest.

Thanks for the sharing!

 It Ain’t true Luv,Until You Have Your Own… ~

Nice to know you too..

Heyya purple,

Nice to be acquainted with you here too!

Why the nick? Is it yer favourite colour?


Hahaha! Yeah, I'm a kiddie

Hahaha! Yeah, I’m a kiddie in disguise! πŸ˜›

No lah, am a mummy here. Glad to know nice mummies like you here! πŸ™‚

Know whaaat?

Heyya purple,

Know whaaat?

Seriously, i cannot put my finger on whether it WAS a nite to remember or not..

Trying very hard to remember now that you mentioned it.. Hmmm…

But i DO remember hubs laughing his pants off!  




PS : Btw, i dun recall your introduction since joining KiasuParents… Mummy? Daddy? Kiddie? If kiddie then this thread is R-rated for you.. 

So farnie!!! Good one!! :-D

HAHAHAHAHA! This is a damn  one Buds!
I could picture a ‘dying of embarressment face’ as I was reading!

Oh, I hope it was really a night to remember (as promised by yr hub).. at least it made that few minutes (which seemed like hours) at the cashier worthwhile!  Hehehe!

Today's laugh on me! Enjoy!

Woi, Chief!

Can like dat one meh.. Laugh at other people’s expense?

Ya, laugh some more. Laugh..   

Somehow, it ain’t funny when it happens to you ain’t it?  

If it were others, i guess i’d almost die from laughing too much too..

Choke on own tonsils or somethin, ya know..  

Well, been a rough few days here… guess everyone cud use a little laugh, ay.

So, i’m glad. This laugh’s on me! Enjoy!







I almost died laughing...

… at this gem of a post.  It is only fair that everyone else gets a chance to suffer in the same way I did.

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