The First Premium Student Care Centre in Singapore

Imagine…After a long exhausting day at work, you come home and ask your child how his/her day has been, to which he/she replies, "Oh, I did all my homework at the Kids’ Club, had some questions on Math but Ms Denise explained it to me already and I had the greatest fun during art class / acting class / kids’ yoga…". How does that sound to you? This is what Out of the Box Kids’ Club aims to achieve for you and your child.

Out of the Box Kids’ Club is founded by two working professionals who are, more importantly, also mothers themselves, with primary school going children of their own. As working mothers, they are constantly faced with the challenge of having to delicately balance work commitments and spending quality time with their children, amidst their school work and numerous enrichment activities.

This is not uncommon and to extend a lifeline to working parents like themselves, Out of the Box Kids’ Club was set up, as a premium student care that would serve as an ideal before/after school care solution for working parents with school-going children like themselves.

The Programme and Enrichment Activities

This centre focuses on the all-rounded development of each child, and prides itself in striking a balance between work and play by infusing arts and creativity-based activites in its programme. Recognising that each child is unique, Out of the Box Kids’ Club maintains a low student-teacher ratio, and provides a customised timetable that caters to the learning needs and interests of each individual. School work supervision and academic guidance remain a priority and in-house Chinese and Math enrichment, conducted by NIE/MOE-trained teachers and experienced tutors, are incorporated as part of their programme.

In addition, this centre brings in a wide range of optional enrichment activities. The optional enrichment currently offered at Out of the Box Kids’ Club range from creative drama classes by Act 3, Little Artist – a children’s art programme, kids’ yoga, as well as cognitive skills training programme by ThinkersBox. All activities are conducted during the before/after school hours when the children are at the centre, thus saving their parents precious time from having to ferry their kids for enrichment classes after work and during the weekends.


Out of the Box Kids’ Club is conveniently located along Bukit Timah Road (next to Coronation Plaza). What the children will enjoy is a cosy home-like environment, for them to spend their time before/after school. The centre is also equipped with books, educational games and CD-Roms, so you can be assured that your child is kept engaged and occupied by the organised activities planned by the teachers.

Feedback from Parents

Heather Hoong, who is a working mum, is considering enrolling her daughter, who will be attending Primary 1 next year, in a student care.

“I’m actually very impressed with the environment and the programme at Out of the Box Kids’ Club, especially the fact that each child has his own customised schedule. You won’t get that at other student care centres. It’s reassuring to know that someone will be ensuring that my girl gets her schoolwork done, whether it is spelling or preparing for a test. I also like the fact that I can sign her up for enrichment classes which are conducted under one roof.” says Heather.

Open House and Enrolment

Enrolment registration for 2011 has commenced.

The upcoming Open House is on 4 December 2010, from 10am to 2pm.

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