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Scratching your heads over what to do to entertain your kid during the upcoming March holidays?

Some suggested activities for parents to consider for the holidays include outdoor activities (such as park visits, in-line skating classes), art and other creative activities (such as pottery, art appreciation, dance and drama classes) and baking and cookery classes.

At Out of the Box Kids’ Club, our vision is Learning through Love and Laughter, where we aim to have our kids learn through fun activities.  We have planned an exciting week of varied and enjoyable activities for the kids. Our holiday camp incorporates educational activities that range from an outdoor garden tour to a kids’ fitness class to bringing out the artist, scientist as well as chef in your child!

Some highlights of our holiday camp program include:

Outdoor park activity : where the kids head to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and have a guided tour of the Supermarket Garden. There, they will learn fascinating facts and hear interesting stories about the banana, peanut, soya bean, sugarcane, sweet potato and many more yummy fruits and vegetables in this special garden.

Pottery workshop : where the kids will learn to work with clay, which is a wonderful, tactile medium. Each child creates their own project from basic techniques like coiling and modeling. They will also try their hands on painting their completed projects.

Art workshop : where the kids will be taught how to do Sandpaper Printmaking. Kids will learn that sandpaper is not only meant for Daddy’s fix and repair toolkit, they can also make beautiful “worn-out” prints with sandpaper and oil pastels.

Science-based “Discover & Learn” experiments : where the kids learn fun science-based experiments using everyday materials which can be commonly found at home.

Food Fun! : where the kids will be engaged in various hands-on activities, learn to work as a team in a fun way, pick up basic baking and cooking skills and learn about the importance of nutrition and have a go at being creative in food preparation.

Kids’ Fitness Class : which is premised on basic yoga poses that aim to develop suppleness and flexibility.

We are opening this fun-filled holiday camp to the public for children aged 7 to 12 years at an attractive rate of $300 for the entire week-long camp. Activities start from 9am and end at 5pm each day and lunch will be provided.

Please call Out of the Box Kids’ Club at 6469-5152 for enquiries or registration.  Limited places are available.

If you’re interested in our student care services, we’re having an Open House on Saturday 12 March 2011, from 10am to 2pm. Come by to get to know us better! Visit us at