The Importance Of ‘O’ Level Social Studies

Social Studies Raises Our Awareness Of Current Affairs and Hones Problem Solving Abilities

Social Studies not only equips students with understanding of current issues such as healthcare, diversity, poverty, and globalization among others, it allows students to navigate the deeper implications of such phenomena in our society. These are all complex societal issues with many layers (like a good kueh lapis), and requires in-depth knowledge and a holistic understanding on the students’ part, not just to impress examiners and reach the highest marking tier, but also to expand their horizons beyond daily events by building a strong and well-informed understanding of local and global issues.

More importantly, students are able to develop the ability to form opinions and even action plans on how societal issues may be ameliorated by individuals, corporations, and governments alike. Such problem solving skills are increasingly valued by employers as it reflects on an individuals’ ability to innovate and think out of the box, which is necessary for Singapore to stay competitive in a dynamic environment.

Social Studies Improves Our Ability To Discern Facts From Untruths

One of MOE’s most important objectives of Social Studies is to develop critical and reflective thinking skills among students through various skills taught in the syllabus. The ability to make logical and well-reasoned judgements while considering different perspectives, is ever more crucial in today’s society. Honing critical thinking requires constant practice and experienced guidance, tailored to each child’s learning abilities. Gaining mastery of these skills is not only necessary to achieve a good score in the ‘O’ Level examinations, but is also crucial as a foundation for higher level thinking and writing required in General Paper,a compulsory ‘A’ Level subject, as well as other polytechnic or university courses.

Outside of education, critical thinking is extremely important in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing media landscape, especially with the rise of satirical “fake news” outlets and commentaries on the internet, some of which can be easily misunderstood as truth. Having the ability to effectively discern facts from untruths is also in line with the Singapore Government’s stance that such “fake news” can be detrimental to the fabric of society. The public service and more corporates are therefore looking for candidates with the ability to critically analyse what they read, and hence mastery of such skills will go far in securing an advantage in future employment.

Social Studies Is An Essential L1R5 Subject That Determines Whether Your Child Can Enter JC

If you’re a “kiasu” parent like most Singaporeans, you’re probably already sending your child for tuition in Math, Physics, Chemistry, English and Chinese. Very often, amidst the focus on STEM subjects, one key ‘O’ Level subject tends to be forgotten…

Social Studies.

Teachers, tutors, other parents, and even your child, tend to place greater emphasis on other subjects, when it comes to ‘O’ Level and exam preparation. However, for most students, Social Studies is an integral subject in their L1R5, especially when it is the only humanities subject they are taking at ‘O’ Levels.Which means, if neglected, a poor ‘O’ Level grade for Social Studies could easily pull down your child’s score, and jeopardize JC application!

keen learners

So for new Sec 4 students who did not score an “A” in last year’s SA2, it’s time to buck up, step up and level up!

For new Sec 3 students, this new subject can be a challenging one to understand, overcome and excel in.

Thankfully, the good news is… The Keen Learners Learning Centre is here to help!

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Through our Social Studies Mastery Classes, students can gain mastery to ‘O’ Level Social Studies using tried and proven methods by Ms. Lynette Tan, Singapore’s Leading Social Studies Specialist!

What you can expect in Ms. Tan’s Social Studies Mastery Classes:

  1. Social Studies “EASE Formula” –Engage, Apply, Support, Explain. Simple but effective approach to ace source-based questions and improve by at least 2 grades in 3 months for ‘O’ Levels!
  1. Lessons that make learning Social Studies, fun, interesting and engaging so that your child can enjoy lessons to the fullest and cultivate full internalisation of critical concepts.
  1. ‘O’ Level Social Studies “insider info” from a former Humanities HOD. Knowing these precious nuggets of info will help your child gain a significant advantage over other students!
  1. Exact steps to correct your child’s mistakes, and how to turn lost marks into marks gained for ‘O’ Levels.
  1. Concise notes to help students master key concepts quickly and effectively


keen learners100% As and Bs in the recent ‘O’ Level examination! Call Ms Tan at 9838 8907, Singapore’s Leading Social Studies Specialist to find out more on how to enrol for her classes now!