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The KiasuParents’ Guide to Primary School Education

This is the guide that all new Singaporean parents cannot do without.

Most new Singaporean parents do not start preparing their children for Primary School education until reality hits them when they have to register their child for Primary One as their child turn six.  That leaves them a window of less than 6 months to prepare their children before they start formal education.

While it is debatable whether children really need to be “prepared” for Primary school education, the fact is that Primary school education has evolved way beyond what we as parents were used to during our own time as students in Primary schools.  The amount and type of education that our children goes through now is very different from our own expectations.  As responsible KiasuParents, we must minimally try to understand the scope of the education, and familiarize ourselves with the syllabus of each of the subjects that our children will be going through.  It is from this knowledge that we can craft an education plan for our children which can supplement what our schools provide so that they can grow to fulfill their own dreams as adults.

This guide will be constantly updated with inputs from parents from our community.  New articles will be added as the information becomes available.  We hope that you will find the information useful, and that you can, in turn, contribute your own experiences and knowledge so that we can all benefit from our shared wisdom.



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Primary School Education

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Nice article

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Thank you! Useful info

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 The information is useful.

 The information is useful.



You may think that the things

You may think that the things like term paper assistance and writing services, mentioned here, don’t apply to your children. However, it is important to remember that, on the primary school level, our kids need to learn so many new things. Preparing kids for Primary School Education actually helps reduce their stress and develop a strong learning foundation.

Pri School Chinese Tuition

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nice article

nice article

some schools are better equipped

eg nyps, rgs. there is an edge

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nice guide to pri sch 

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Detailed information

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This is very useful for parents expecting their children to enter primary school


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If not get admitted any school

Hi All


Please suggest that if my daughter not get chance to any local school what will be the next step except International school




student care w tuition centre

Hi,my boy P1 next year.anyone can recommend for student care with tuition centre near farrer road area?thanks;)

Discipline from p1

I think discipline must be enforced right from p1, the formal education year. Some parents might think it’s too early to enforce. However, when is then not early? If discipline is only enforce from p2 onwards, chances are that the child has already picked up a lot of bad habits during the learning process. 

I believe old habits die hard. Once a bad habit is formed, it will take a very long time to undo it. Using the time to undo a bad habit by scolding your child, why not enforce a good learning habit right from p1, to minimize unhappiness in future? 

Hi. My girl P1 next yr. Any

Hi. My girl P1 next yr. Any recommendations for student care with tuition center near jurong east st 21

my 2 cents worth of advice

i think its the best to get into a affliated sec sch.

Student Care List


I am preparing our son to P1 next year, also urgently look for student care, hope anyone can help to provide the list of student care at west area.   And also near Bishan area.


School based Student care in West


I need a list of primary school-based student care in west area. anybody can help? Thanks

Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement 2011

Hi, this certificate is given out by the community centre of your constitutency together with Edusave Bursary application form. Once your child’s end year result is among the top 25% of his level of his school (not entire singapore level), he will receive such certificate. There are many EduSave grants and scholarships given by MOE, you may want to find out more from MOE website.

Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement 2011

Hi, I wonder if this achievement is awarded to the top 25% in the whole level (P1)?



over emphasis on result

100/100? does that guarantee he/she will be an overseas scholar or future politican earning the millions?  I do not know where are we heading for nowsday!


Hi , anyone could advise me on good enrichment class for primary 1 around marine parade central? My son’s heading for that next yr .

Is Sakamoto math good for p3?

My girl is p3 now and I think she already learned the basics of mpm, should I change she from mpm to Sakamoto? Could anyone please advise me? Thanks a lot…(^_^)

Pri 1 Curriculum & Preparing for Pri 1

Hi Caer
You may want to refer to the forum thread here on how to prepare your child for Pri1. It contains information what a Pri 1 child should know
MOE has published this information booket on primary school eductation. You can download it here

Proud Daddy of P1 Boy at Tao Nan School …

Where to get Pri 1 Curriculum?

Hi, may I know where I can get hold of the Pri 1 curriculum like what my child needs to know before entering Pri 1? Thanks.



My girl is currently in P2A this yr. She was promoted to P3C next yr.  I am considering to transfer her to South View Primary School.  Would greatly appreciate some truthful advice on the school management, exam standards, etc..from parents whose children are currently studying in SVPS.

Thanks in advance.



Sooner or later... ;)

I will agree on that jedamum! That we shouldn’t start rewarding for good academic results… But my confession is simple. Though i impart (every single day without fail!)… that good behaviour shouldn’t be… because one craves praise or constant compliments… one should feel good that, one IS good and CAN BE good! Though i remind (every single day without fail!)… that good results should come from the desire to learn to excel and tremendous diligence, one can feel proud by trying one’s (darnest) best… Though i do not condone rewards for good results… i am guilty of rewarding $0.50 extra pocket money for every spelling done 100% correctly each week! Sweat… Sweat… But somehow, one does know (ermmm… that is ME..) that for everything one imparts, for every reminder one generously gives, for each nag which is really for their own good….. one MUST know and BELIEVE….. that one day, the precious one will realise the good. Yesterday, as i was about to put extra 50 cents into kiddie’s coin pouch, she touched the side of my cheek and said, "It’s okay, mummy. You don’t have to put extra 50 cents for me today. I did the spelling to the best i could and i am happy for that… I am happy i DID IT! Not for the money, but for myself. I don’t have to be paid for studying well. It’s what i should do…" Wah leow, people… seriously boy… perseverance (persistence) is the key. So, don’t stop. Nag away…. It will sooner or later hit the nail on the head.

Mine just came sooner…

Thank goodness!! Now, i get to save 50 cents every week in my piggy bank! 


does it matter to you if

does it matter to you if tuition equate to 100/100 or not? why bother what others think? so long my boy put in effort to do well in his work, it’s alright if he doesnt get 100/100. but having said that, if the paper is straight forward, and he lose marks over carelessness, that..he’ll get nagging from me. 😛


and…dont start rewarding for good academic results. the kid should be intrinscally motivated to do well and not motivated for the rewards. rewards if needed, should peg at effort and not results.



Did you score 100/100?

Does it really matter if your child did not score 100/100 for the exams? 

My MIL has the tendency of asking my nephew’s (an average kid in P1) exam results "got score 100/100?"  If I reply "no lah, average only", then her reply will be "aiyoh, die ah!".  Reason for her to react this way is because he had tuition.  But tuition does not warrant excellent results.  Their thinking is if in lower primary you did not score 100/100 then your score will deteriorate when you move up to upper primary.  My sis expectation for his son is very simple – as long as he passed his exam. 

A friend of mine whose boy is also in P1 in a "popular" school in Bishan, scored 96% on average for all subjects.  Is this good results?  She wanted to reward her son, but the MIL (a retired teacher) said NO because she thinks his result is NO good.  The boy form teacher also called up my friend, asking if he has tuition, my friend replied no and the teacher thought if they had any financial difficulty (btw, my friend stays in a landed property in BKT area).  I guess many of the children would have scored 100%, and in case his results bring down their standard!

Does it mean tuition = 100/100 ?  I would not know if I will be like my MIL or my friend’s MIL, expecting my child to score 100/100.  I just find it so stressful as a parent and as a child…. 

How to motivate her??

Hi there,

My girl in P3 is simply not interested in her work at all. She will forget that she has homework to do, makes a fuss whether she’s asked to do assessments and hates the idea of going to the tuition centre. She hates reading too. She has not passed any test since P1 and I’ll really at a loss with her. What should I do to motivate or help her?

Hi there, Don't give up.

Hi there,

Don’t give up. Every child is gifted. Continue to support him. My cousin went to N-level, ITE, Poly and NUS! She has juz graduated early this yr. Some children are late bloomers and take longer route to success. Be POSITIVE! 🙂



Hi poor mum

My girl also failed one section of eng, maths & science at P5 SA1.  Someone in this forum asked if P5 is the worst yr.  Indeed, P5 is the beginning of PSLE preparation.  I have just engaged home tutor and she said SA1 paper is PSLE standard.

Final yr, as usual, I took leave during PSLE marking days to teach & revise.  She passed.  I have learnt to let go (ie my expectation), to accept the kind of standard achieved while at the same time still hope she can get better results to go to a reasonably okay sec sch.

We know our children’s weaknesses.  I have also heard people saying that we know the subject / topics but the approach may be wrong.  Eg. Maths, now they use models.  At our time, we never learnt.  So when we teach, we don’t use models.  Maths has certain strategies that we do not know.  Experienced teachers are able to make the kids see the link, why this step and that.  So you may like to consider 1-1 tutor.

My son fails P5 exams

I know that i shouldnt give up hope on him. Maybe  because im surounded with smart children and families., EM3 is the worse classess i heard. once you been send there, there wnt be any chances for you to achieve. M i right? well being a working parent seems to be hard on us. Is there anyway or ideas that i can make him improve his studies?

One of my friends' son

One of my friends’ son studied EM3 course during their pri sch.  From what I know, he attended four years NT stream in sec sch, taking GCE ‘N’ level, proceed to ITE then followed by Poly.  He has graduated from Poly and now in NS.  Please do not give hope on them, they just need more times to excel in studies.  Your son needs your supports.

My son fails P5 exams

Hi parents out there, im so disappointed with my sons result for this yr. From P5A he will be transfer to P6 foundation classes.

Will he be sitting for his PSLE? Will he be in Sec School? What kinda school will he be? Academic or Tech? What should i do? I send him for personal tutor and even enrichment classes but this what i get? Infact i lost my hope towards him. Can anyone help? what should i do?

Any recommendation or clue from you parents out there that can be share?

Thank and i do appreciate if you could help…



Promotion to next levels in Primary schools

Hi Adeline,

The Ministry of Education does not regulate Primary School’s exams and criteria for promotion to next levels.  The only exam it administrates is the national level PSLE.  As such, individual schools are given their freedom to exercise their judgement over cases such as failure of SA2.

In general, for Primary 1-3, children will still be promoted despite failing some SA2 papers, unless the performance is really bad or the child had to miss all the examinations due to medical or other reasons.  Each case is managed differently to take into account all mitigating factors specific to the case.

Primary 4 students that do badly in SA2 will be recommended to take on fundamental level subjects in the following year, but parents will still have a choice to stay the course and try to help their children improve.  However, if a child does badly in Primary 5, he is likely to have to repeat that level, or be forced to switch to fundamental level subjects.  This is because Primary 5 is really the start of the 2-year preparation for PSLE.

For more information, you should really call up  and work your child’s school educators who will be able to recommend to you the best action plan you can take.

Hope this helps.

P1 SA2

I would like to know if my boy fail his SA2 in P1 will he still can move to P2 next year? Please help…………

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