The “Lion Moms” … Reel or Real?

KiasuParents rejoice! Lion Moms – the upcoming Channel 5 drama serial that celebrates the unique parenting styles of Singaporean parents – is a die-die must watch show for all of us. The show highlights the hopes and aspirations of Singaporean mothers, and how they would bare their claws to protect and nurture their young cubs and build the perfect family.  It mirrors the real day-to-day challenges mothers face today on the tiny red dot that we call home.



The 12-episode serial is scheduled to broadcast every Monday at 10pm from 14th September 2015. It features 3 very different moms and their families, united only by their single-minded goal of seeking the best for their kids.  You don’t even need to be a kiasu mom to enjoy the show – the 3 gorgeous ladies will provide all the eye candy to encourage daddies to join in, and maybe even help change junior’s diaper after the show.

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Bernice Liu (Hong Kong actress, singer and commercial model) stars as Jennifer Tan, the perfect mommy and wife, who quits her job to become a stay-at-home mother so that she can take care of her 15-year-old and 6-year-old children. Jennifer strives to be perfect in everything she does so much so that her husband finds her too perfect for everything.  Sigh.  Not perfect they complain, too perfect they don’t want.  Really don’t know what the guys want.

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Nurul Aini (actress, presenter and businesswoman) brings to life Durrani, a strong career-minded lawyer trying to juggle work and family. She is blessed with a very supportive husband who does everything he can for the wife and the daughter while the wife puts her efforts in her legal career. We are so envious leh! If got such a husband must really hold tight to him and never let go!

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The third mom is Min Yi, a single mommy, acted by Vanessa Vanderstraaten (actress, host and model). She had her son at the age of 19 and single-handledly looked after him for the last 6 years. She struggles to give the best for her son hoping to raise a perfect kid. In the show, she is acting alongside with Joshua (of Boyz to Men fame) and Russell Ong (Singapore national swimmer turned actor).

In the show, these mommies will go all the way out for their children. There are scenes which many mothers will easily relate to: doing PV (aka. parental slave labour) to get the child into the die-die-must-get-in primary school, making a genius out of ah boi to get into GEP, getting tips on improving DSA chances, sniffing out the “best” enrichment programmes, buying a ton of assessment books and cajoling the kids to complete them.  Reel or real?  See for yourself by checking out the discussions in our Forums – Choosing and Evaluating Primary Schools, All About Parent Volunteers (PV), Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor, Must Have Assessment Books for Primary 1.

We were able to meet up and chat with the cast last week, and they shared with us the fun they had during the filming of the show.

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Bernice, who grew up in Canada and is now working in Hong Kong, also shared with us the differences in the mentality of moms in those countries. To her, Canadian moms are more relaxed when it comes to the upbringing and educational aspect of their children. They believe in letting the child explore and be more adventurous when they are young. Hong Kong and Singapore mothers are more competitive, mainly due to the environment that we live in. In Hong Kong, the parent and child anxiously queue for a pre-enrolment interview before the principal decides if they can let the child study in the primary school. This mirrors the parent volunteer programme of Singapore Primary schools, where parents need to fulfil certain number of hours volunteering in the school to give the child a better chance of getting into the school. Many popular schools will even need parents to go through the balloting system. We term ourselves kiasu parents when we do all that. I wonder if they have an equivalent term in Hong Kong?

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Vanessa shared with us on how her mother raised her up with unconditional love single-handedly. She mentioned that her mother is as strict as the “Lion Moms” and had a lot of expectations on her and her brother. She has applied the same unconditional love in the drama serial for her son (acted by 6-year old Keller). Friendly and jovial during the interview, Vanessa related the different funny scenes they experienced during the filming of the show and the close relationship that she has built with Keller, Russell and Joshua throughout this period. We also saw the same bond that Keller had with the two other actors, Russell and Joshua. Throughout the interview, they were teasing Russell on his half-naked scene in the show. So don’t miss out the scene to catch a glimpse of the sexy body of our local swimming’s golden boy Russell Ong!

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Nurul Aini is a true-blue Lion Mom with two lovely young children aged 5 and 3 years old. She can totally understand the “kiasu” mentality of Singapore moms. She shared with us how she had to juggle her time between her acting and hosting job, her own business and her two young children. Although her acting and hosting job is on a freelance basis, the hours are very long. By the time she reaches home, her children are in bed. However, she will always make the effort to spend more time with them on the days when she does not need to work. She shared with us how her mom raised her and her siblings up to be more independent. She started taking care of her own brother when she was eight years old while her mom was at work. She is hoping to cultivate the same kind of independence in her own children. As to her own parenting style, she mentioned that she is also a kiasu parent. Though her elder child is still in kindergarten, he is already attending piano, swimming and maths classes, all signed up by Nurul Aini.

Personally for me, being a mother myself, I can totally relate to the drama in “Lion Moms”. I am a kiasu mom who plans and do whatever I can in the hopes of achieving the best for my kids. Which mom doesn’t want the best for their own kids right? I’m sure it applies to most of our readers here as well.

So do watch the show and compare yourself to the 3 families to see if you are more kiasu than them.  Join in the forum thread discussion on Singapore Drama to discuss about the show and any topics relating to the show.

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