The Memory Series

What was your first memory? 

A simple question that not even the most brilliant of minds within the scientific community can answer. Memories often end up as the decider between regrets vs fulfilment.

While many see this currency as literally worthless in a fast pace urban jungle, it’s actually not true. The value of life is not measured through gains or losses but the memories you acquired.

That’s why “The Memory 1839: Limited edition” is launched as we are crazy enough to believe Encasing Memories is even more priceless than diamonds. After all, it’s your story, your brand.

GOT watch“You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once.” ~Polish Proverb

A simple way, an action to let your child know how important are them in your heart. A simple way to help and connect better with your children, build a stronger bond with your loved one and instil family values in your children.

Time flies, the precious moment with your kids and are long gone before you realize it, so act now spend it with your family and children to create a more memorable moment with your loved one..

GOT watch
THE MEMORY 1839 LIMITED EDITION; Symbolic of the primitive side by humanity.

Communicating Your Memory on Your Wrist

Personalise your one-of-a-kind Memory Dial with your own special photo memory. 

Each Memory Dial is made from the highest-quality material from Japan and combines 3D and luminous effects for a rewarding experience to the wearer. Whether there is light or in total darkness, each Memory Dial continues to tell the tale of the Memory under the protection of sapphire glass.

House in a popular 316L German inspired Case

The popular 39mm German case design that fits squarely between Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus design influences offers a minimalist aesthetic, putting the spotlight on the Memory Dial. The length of the 12mm hour and 15.75mm minutes stainless/blue hands are specially designed to enhance the overall visual effect. Three versions are available, namely Stainless steel at USD 169, yellow gold plated and rose gold plated at USD 189.

Powered by a Swiss Heart

Each Memory Series is further embedded with reliable Swiss heart to ensure that time-keeping accuracy matches the highly popular luminous Memory Dial.

Unmistaken “Guardian of Time”

Encasing priceless moments with high quality personalisation, every owner can look forward to a special 10-year warranty from Guardian of Time including the Memory Dial. Guardian of Time helps you personalise Your Story to be Your Brand.

GOT watch*Source of my joy center of my world you are all i love.

The World First “Selfie” in 1839

GOT watchA tribute to the world’s first physical memory selfie by Mr Robert Crnelius in 1839 an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast from Philadelphia. Cornelius took the image by removing the lens cap and then running into frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again. On the back of the image he wrote “The first light Picture ever taken. 1839.” 

This was the start of a photography revolution that to some historians argument that this was also the birth of a physical form of memories in a massive way.

Essence of Photography and Timekeeping

To celebrate this milestone, Guardians of Time is honoured to launch a special tribute to with its very first Memory Series Limited Edition – “The Memory 1839”, with over 1,800 pieces available at a special price of SGD 229 on 12th Dec 2019. Marrying both the essence of Photography and Timekeeping, this is a perfect gift for the year-end festive season. This Memory Series LE 2019 is definitely a MUST for any collector.

Got Watch

Special Homage Design Features

The PVD Matt Black 39mm case is deliberately designed to hark back to the early days when photographs only existed in “black and white”. This special combination of the matt black further enhances the “Memory Dial” effect to the fullest.

The entire dial is luminous and the Memory Dial is covered under International lifetime warranty just for this edition, making it the first-of-its-kind in the world to actually offer such coverage. Each of the back case of the “Daguerreotype” further offers personalisation options at the back, making it an unbelievable collectable MUST-HAVE before 2020 arrives. Last but not least, the time is told by the exclusive gold-plated hands to express the time surrounding this moment is golden.

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