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The Onion Thing

Miscomm with maid is causing quite a joke.

Last week maid told me. ‘Mam, no more the onion ting’ 
So I bought a pack of shallots. 

Last weekend maid told me again ‘Mam, no more the onion’ pointing to my yard.

I asked her ‘the big one?’ She say ‘Yah the onion thing’ 
So I bought some big red onions.

Yesterday maid told me again, ‘Mam no more the onion ting’ I asked her you making sambal issit, why keep asking me to buy onion.

Maid :scratchhead: I also :? I went to the yard where we have a basket in which we put all the onions and garlic. I showed her so much big and small onions and asked her why she needs more?

She say she also blur why I keep buying onions. I say you told me no more and ask me to buy. She say no, then she went to the cupboard in the yard where we keep all the laundry stuff and took out a can of ironing starch. 
Pointed to it and say this ‘onion ting’ :faint: 

So now I have lots of onions and no ironing starch. :rotflmao:


The Onion Thing

Your maid must be a Filipino.

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