The World as a Classroom: The Learning Lab’s Tips to Spice up Your Child’s Holiday Learning

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The school year may have come to an end, but learning doesn’t have to stop. Even as your child unwinds after a year of hard work, you may still want to keep his or her mind engaged and in tip-top shape over the holidays.

At The Learning Lab, we believe that children learn best when they’re having fun and enjoying the process – and it doesn’t need to be within the confines of a classroom. This was our vision when we launched Home-Work, a set of specially curated hands-on exercises that encourage your kids to apply academic concepts at home.

So, this school break, we invite you to try out our Home-Work — featuring a slew of English, maths and science worksheets that you and your child can have fun completing together. What will your child be learning from our Home-Worksheets?

Find out more below.

1. Experience Someone Else’s Point of View

As the popular saying goes, “never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”. Giving your child the opportunity to see things from another person’s perspective is a simple yet powerful way of expanding his or her worldview.

Sometimes, even talking to those closest to us can yield surprising insights. One of our Home-work activities this year invites your child to interview and really listen to his or her sibling, cousin or even grandparents — creating opportunities for deeper conversations at home.

2. Understand That All Knowledge Is Interlinked

In school, your child is taught to categorise his or her learning into separate subjects: English, maths, science and Mother Tongue. In the real world, however, different forms of knowledge can rarely be so neatly classified.

As your child progresses through his or her education journey, it is important for him or her to learn how to integrate different forms of knowledge to complete complex tasks — a higher-order skill that will definitely prove valuable in class and in life.

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In our Christmas baking activities, for example, your child will have to draw upon both his or her mathematical knowledge and skills across different topics such as ratio, percentage, fractions and more to achieve the end result— a Christmas pie or Christmas tree cookies!

3. Get Their Hands Dirty

If experience is the best teacher, there should be no better way for your child to learn than by trying things out for himself or herself. The holidays are a great time to encourage your child to take a hands-on approach to his or her own learning.

With a little creativity, even household chores can become valuable opportunities for your child to boost his or her knowledge. Our science Home-Work activity is all about discovering the science behind routine actions performed around the home.

Dousing the toilet with Coke can be a chance to study the cleaning properties of phosphoric acid, while using rubber bands to pick up stray hairs harnesses the mysterious power of static electricity. Supervise your child where necessary but do give him or her ample space to indulge his or her curiosity as well.

Putting the Home in Homework

Curious to find out more about Home-Work? Click here or the image below for the full details. Apart from the worksheets, you will also find helpful videos that demonstrate how the activities in the worksheets may be carried out.

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The Learning Lab’s curriculum is designed to help our students discover the connections between what they learn in class and the world around them. To find out more about our classes and programmes, you may contact us at 6733 8711 or drop us an email at [email protected].