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Getting to the Root of My Scalp and Hair Problems

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I’ve always been blessed with a relatively healthy crowning glory: naturally straight hair (i.e. no rebonding required) and with no split ends or dandruff… until a hair stylist suddenly said to me one day while cutting my hair: “Did you know there’s a ‘hole’ at the top of your head?”

He was referring to a tiny balding patch at my crown. Those words, said so nonchalantly, was a bolt out of the blue and left me a little shocked. Sad to say, that was just the beginning of more hair woes, namely premature greying hair.

tk-logo-3Then recently, the opportunity to treat my hair problems arose with an invitation from TK TrichoKare, which is a leading Trichological Centre in Singapore that provides customized European herbal hair remedies validated by certified trichologists.

trichologistFor the uninitiated, trichology is the study of the health of hair and the scalp, while professional trichologists treat a wide range of common hair problems, such as thinning, breakage, shedding and dry or itchy scalp.

At TrichoKare, all treatments are validated by in-house trichologists – certified individuals who understand the chemistry and effects of ingredients used in the manufacture of hair products and how lifestyle and nutrition have an effect on the scalp and hair.

During my appointment at TrichoKare’s orchargateway outlet, I was attended by Ms Pooja Chhabra, who is one of the company’s three International Association of Trichologists (IAT) certified trichologists. She took a holistic approach to first find out about my lifestyle, diet and general well-being and spent time going through the scientific reasons for different hair issues. For example, that grey hair forms because of the lack of melanin, which in turn can be due to stress, lack of iodine in the diet, poor sleep patterns or simply due to genes. She also explained that the topical application of nutrients directly to the hair may aid to regulate the cycle of reproducing black hair.

img_8596After analysing my scalp condition using lenses that can magnify 200 times, she proposed a personalized Scalp Rebalancing Treatment using customized European herbal hair remedies, before I proceeded for a pampering hair treatment session that lasted around 1.5 hours. There was even complimentary tea/coffee, a hot towel and an invigorating hot shoulder massage, brimming with essential oils, thrown in the works.

Overall, I liked that Ms Pooja went through each of the main ingredients contained in the different products that would be used in the treatment for me and their efficacies, such as citrus for detoxification of scalp, emu oil for hair growth and nettle for delaying greying. She even showed me the products used, which are available for customers to buy home as well.


Comparing the images from the Tricho-Scan Scalp Analysis before and after the treatment, it was visible that the dead skin on my scalp had been thoroughly cleansed. Despite having hair tonic applied and left in my hair till the next day, there was absolutely no greasy feeling on my hair and scalp. The next day when I went to work, one of my colleagues even commented that my hair looked smoother and silkier.

We always hear that not every haircare product is suitable for everybody; neither is there an all-in-one solution. Therefore, at TrichoKare, they literally go to the root of the problem by offering customers personalized solutions with products formulated using premium European botanicals trusted by European herbalists for centuries. I enjoyed the products’ soothing fragrance and they were not overpowering or unpleasant at all. Including those used for their hair coloring service, which are all organic and ammonia-free, are generally safe for use, even for pregnant mums.



TrichoKare’s Hair Fall Preventive Treatment recently made it to ELLE’s Beauty Treat List 2017. Other awards include:

  • Her World Spa Awards 2016 – Best Treatment for Damaged Hair
  • Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Awards 2016 – Best Sebum-Regulating Treatment for Oily Scalp
  • The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016 – Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment

See full award list at


Since the company was established in 2004, many have come to trust TrichoKare to regenerate, restore and even revive their hair and scalp to the natural optimal state. In particular, celebrities such as blogger Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue), who is known to be careful and selective in her choices, have also been satisfied with the results after experiencing hair treatments at TrichoKare.


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