Things To Do Before You Travel

Just to summarise what we did/should’ve done.

1. Inform your neighbourhood police post.

DH called to inform them but forgot to leave his name with them. Our nice men-in-blue called back to reconfirm.  Kudos to them.

2. Signup for mail retention service at the post office.

Paid $21.40 before departure, indicated on the form that I’ll collect mail from the MP PO upon return. This was also confirmed with the staff there. Well, this morning, dh went down to MP PO to collect our mail, and….the nincompoops there said our mail will be redelivered from Katong PO tomorrow. Looks like our PO aren’t sure of their own processes/forms.

3. Inform your newspaper delivery agent.

The agent stopped delivery on day1 but subsequently left the newspapers piled up at our front door. If there had been a break-in while we’re away, I wonder if they can be responsible. So pissed off with them. Wouldn’t he know after a few days that the owner has gone away? What the *@&^#! Now dh has to catch up more than 10 days of newspapers. He called them his TYS (ten year series). 

4. Check the adaptors required for your overseas trip.

We bought adaptors which worked in some hotels but not all. Rent from hotel if you’re stuck.

5. Check your mobile phone is tri-band/quad-band or what ever band.

Didn’t expect all 3 phones we had weren’t able to connect. But ok la. No calls from office. heehee, blessing in disguise. 

6. Call your telco to check which call home no. is cheaper *121 or 00165.

Did this too, but unfortunately, without a mobile connection, this proved pointless

This list looks strangely short, do contribute to help reduce the hassle/surprises of fellow kiasu travellers.

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 Thanks for the tip,

 Thanks for the tip, ky_har. But I dare not try it, in case I come homne and see so many dead insects.  



This "service" with the

This "service" with the NPP has been available for years! We always inform them to keep an eye out for us. Free service somemore! Just a phone call will do. Don nd to fill any forms.


I put ants and roach baits

I put ants and roach baits around the house, so in case they come in while we were away, they will be dead by the time we are back..


never knew can inform the NPP!

unless it is pretty long

unless it is pretty long trip, no need to pay post office to transfer the letter. last time, we were @overseas, just ask our neighbour to collect our mail :}

Good tip too


Hi,  yes, that is a good tip too. I tried that once. 


Thanks for sharing the

Thanks for sharing the tips.

Besides the above, I would use masking tape & tape from the inside of the main door to prevent as much dust from slipping through.

I would use bed covers or additional bed sheets to cover over our beds so that when we are home, we just have to lift up the covers of cover-over bedsheet & can lie on our beds.

You cannot believe the amount of medicine I bring along, whether it is short or long trip, especially when we have young children. To me, this is like a form of insurance, it’s good to be prepared just in case you need it, if not just put the medicine inside the medicine box once we are back from the trip.

And do remember to keep all

And do remember to keep all perishables in the fridge.

We once left a watermelon sitting on the table. When we came back (after only 2 days), the watermelon has a big hole on the underside and juice was all over the table and floor.

Can’t agree more with hmsg regarding travel insurance. We managed to recover most of the costs when we cancelled the trip because DD fell sick.


Agree with ks2me, thanks for getting it officially started.

And those are great additions, ks2me!


Mathsparks you are welcome...

the list helps me as much as it helps you…so thanks for getting it started. 

 hi hsmg, travel

 hi hsmg, travel insurance is indeed a MUST. we brought along promethazine and panadols, so son hung in there during the last few days. Strange that he had a flu jab 3 weeks before departure and yet caught a bug. hope it’s not h1n1. bringing him to the doc later.

but avoid bringing netbook along unless you absolutely must, it’ll ruin a family vacation, if mum/dad are still working.



 hi ks2me, thanks for the

 hi ks2me, thanks for the additions. we sent our terrapin and maid to mum’s house, as for houseplants, we let them be since it’s not a long trip. Our poor fish (a lonely, black molly) died a few weeks before our trip. but we forgot the curtains and water drainage holes! surprisingly, no ants near the sugar containers.  



n get the travel insurance

n get the travel insurance done! Bring medication along just in case, especially for the children…

with wireless almost ubiquitous, bring along a netbook… remember to off the auto internet on your pda/iphones! Those charges are $$$$$$

I keep those old socks,

I keep those old socks, underwear etc and get everyone in the family to wear and discard them during the trip. It cuts down on the amount of laundry to be done after the trip and also lessen the amount of luggage. The space given up will be taken over by the shopping done.

I also do this for the children when they go for their various camps esp. secondary school camps when they can get all soiled and dirty, making it difficult to wash. One of my friends bought new socks for her DS adventure camps and ended up throwing them away cos they became impossible to wash.

Dont' worry, radiantmum

… we understand 

Oops sorry ... computer

Oops sorry … computer hang – didn’t realise that I was so impatient to click 3 times.

CKS, NOT intentional spam … pls spare me from the terminated list bucket!

Great tips and made me

Great tips and made me blush ! Mine is so OUTDATED … I only know how to ask my neighbour ro collect my daily newspapers, LOL!

Some Add ons

Thanks for timely reminder, Mathsparks.

Just to add on:

7.  Stop other forms of regular delivery or services to house.   Eg. Yakult drinks

8.  If the travel time is long, it is good to ensure all toilet seats are down and all the drainage holes are sealed as these are the places creepy crawlies can crawl into the house.

9. If there are plants or pets, please send to someone to "baby-sit" them

10. If there are areas with direct sunlight shining through, best to put the curtains down to avoid any damage to things in the house.

11. Check all corners and containers in the house that there is ABSOLUTELY no water left behind to breed the mossies.

12. If there are planters area, also check that the drainage is working, otherwise on a rainy day, the planters will be filled with water and Mossies will be a knocking and attacking once you step in.    Actually it happened to a neighbour of ours and another poor neighbour of ours became the victims.  Their kids were so badly bitten that I could still remember the big red patches until now.

13. Ensure that the sugar container is tightly closed otherwise you may find your kitchen infested with ants upon return.



Yup ...


Yup, that reminds me, we left the dining light on (the flouresant one).  Got to get those timer switches.  Thanks for the tip.


 Unfortunately, autumnbronze, we’re on the topmost floor and none of our neighbours were even aware that our papers were piling higher each day.

Oh yeah, and we also covered the lids to the toilet bowls. We also bought those timer switches to auto turn on/off our standing light in the sitting room in the evening/morning to give the impression that the house isn’t empty.






Thanks for the useful tips.  I remember there was one time I forgot to inform the newspaper agent and subsequently, they left them outside our door too.  Luckily, my neighbours were ‘kind’ enough to collect the papers for us on their own accord.

And your DH is right … I ended up ‘plodding’ thru the pile of papers for the next many days …


Maybe to add on … we also ensure that whatever main switch for the electrical appliances can be switched off, we will do so like the tv, computer, hot water flask etc.. 

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