Tips and Tricks to Scoring in Mathematics at All Levels

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Math Academia is not any run-off-the mill centre. It specialises in only one subject, Mathematics. Along with his team of tutors, Mr Peng Junyang curates all of his lesson plan and resources, ensuring that all of his lesson plans and resources are of the highest quality and standard.

Lessons here at Math Academia are structured to be of high intensity and rigour. Important analytical and thinking skills are imparted to students in every lesson and the questions that students are given in class are not just simply reprinted from assessment books. Our resources are carefully chosen and they are sure to challenge students, preparing them for higher intensities so that their examinations become easier to tackle. What makes Math Academia special is that our tutors are all highly experienced and qualified, and their prior experiences as ex-MOE teachers has prepared them well and made them very well-versed with the current syllabuses. Students from Math Academia have consistently attained good results, with a distinction rate of over 90% every year.

Math Academia offers Mathematics tuition at every level. Here are the descriptions of the lessons we offer:

Math Focus Programme

Math Focus is a programme special to Math Academia. It ensures that the needs of every student are met. It offers students flexibility in timings to better cater to their schedules and eliminates the issue of different pacing and sequencing of topics in school, especially for those in IP/IB. Our Focus programmes are structured around each student’s learning needs, strengthening their mathematical concepts through customised and individualised coaching. Although students of different levels are placed together, each student will receive more attention and guidance specific to their level and this is supported by the small class size of 4-5 students.

Summary of the Key Features of Focus Programme:

  • Exact sequencing as what is taught in school
  • Customised and individualised learning
  • Flexible dates and timings
  • Small class size (Max 4-5 students)

Math Academia

Primary School Mathematics

In Math Academia, we strive to imbue interest and a liking for the subject of Mathematics from a young age. With a strong foundation since primary school, students will feel more confident and be more inclined to do well in Mathematics in the future. We aim to make learning Mathematics an enjoyable and fun process, instilling in students the important concepts of problem-solving and real-life application.

Lower Secondary School Mathematics

A strong foundation in basic arithmetic and algebra is crucial. With strong algebraic skills, the learning process for Additional Mathematics in upper secondary naturally smoothens. It is essential that we focus on building skill sets such as algebraic manipulation and logical reasoning.

Upper Secondary School Elementary Mathematics

This programme prepares students for the demands of the GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ levels Mathematics examination. We aim to help your child develop the ability to communicate mathematical ideas and arguments logically and concisely, provide opportunities for your child to make a connection of what they learn to real life and engage them in meaningful learning and to also provide positive learning experiences to instil a positive learning attitude towards mathematics.

Upper Secondary School Additional Mathematics

Excelling in Additional Mathematics is crucial as this directly affects the courses available for your child’s selection in JC/Polytechnic. Our weekly lessons are tailor-made to address the common learning needs of students that we have noticed in the past batches.

Math Academia


Junior College ‘A’ Level Mathematics

The ‘A’ level H2 Mathematics prepares students for a wide range of university courses. In JC1, students are taught the pure math component and in JC2, they learn statistics. Our weekly 2-hour lessons are specifically prepared and updated to ensure that your child stays at the “top of his/her game.” Our students are exposed to numerous high-level application questions and are trained to be critical thinkers with a high level of ability to solve any challenging questions faced in their school examinations


Math Academia

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