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Top 10 Early Childhood Education books – Have Fun with Your Children While Teaching Them

With the advent of gadgets and mobile tools we have these days, encouraging your little ones to read books can be quite a challenge. They’d probably much prefer the digital interaction but there’s nothing quite like the tactile feel of books, of flipping its pages, of touching its bindings and feeling its texture. So early on, start instilling in them the love for reading (and physical books) and spend more quality time together with these specially handpicked reading materials that we’re pretty sure, your kids will not only love but will also learn a thing or two from.

  1. First 100 Words
    Easily build your kids’ vocabulary through Lift-the-Flap First 100 words, a great aid for teaching new words. With its over 100 eye-catching pictures of toys, pets, food and more, this will definitely make learning fun and breezy for your children.
  2. The Foolish Tortoise
    Instill lessons of respect, teamwork and friendship in your kids while at the same time fascinating them with a humorous story about a greedy, hungry snake who got a kick of his own medicine, quite literally.
  3. First 100 Numbers
    Your kids will adore this soft-to-touch, padded board, while teaching them to count through some simple number exercises. It also has over 100 pictures that include text labels, helping your kids in verbally recognizing everyday objects.
  4. My Giant Sticker Book
    This is an ideal book for teaching preschoolers basic concepts such as numbers, animals, colors of the rainbow, shapes and even farm objects.  Packed with bright, colorful pages of pictures, puzzles and more, children will have fun learning about basic ideas and more.
  5. The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book: 145 Entertaining Activities and Learning Games for Kids
    Improve your children’s key skills in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and even social studies. With 145 indoor and outdoor activities including cookie fractions, the 25-cent pyramid and more, your kids won’t even realize they’re getting schooled while having fun with this book.
  6. Petting Zoo
    Help your children learn simple sentences through this book’s strong visual clues while making it easy for them to follow the story of the petting zoo and its inhabitants.
  7. Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)
    Bond with your little ones and entertain them about the adventures of the coolest kitty ever who’s touching base with the ocean and who’s also learning how to surf.
  8. Baby Touch and Feel Numbers
    Living up to its promise of introducing early concepts of numbers, colors, shapes and patterns through touching and feeling techniques to your kids, this book will definitely be a fun-filled yet educational treat for them.
  9. Sophie La Girafe: Peekaboo Sophie!
    Develop your kid’s imagination, motor skills while encouraging them to read books through Peekabo Sophie! Watch your little ones laugh and learn with this highly stimulating and engaging reading material.
  10. LEGO Play Book
    Encourage your children to think out of the box with its fun guide of creating amazing LEGO models. Featuring a mixture of simple, medium, and complex models, LEGO Play Book will teach your children tips and tricks to get the most out of their blocks and to stimulate their creativity and resourcefulness in general.

Develop in your children the virtue of learning and the love for books at an early age and bond more and better with them by reading aloud and having fun together. Have happy reading sessions this merry season!

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