Top 10 Most Difficult Primary Schools to Get Into (2015)

Ever wondered which are the schools that Singapore parents will fight tooth and nail to get into?  Taking into account the application rates for each Phase in the last 10 years, we have identified the top 10 Primary schools which are the most competitive when it comes to Primary One Registration.

Typically, 148 out of the 190 available Primary schools will encounter some amount of oversubscription in some of the Phases of the Registration exercise.  Amongst these, about 50 schools will encounter oversubscription in Phase 2B.

The top 10 most competitive/popular schools for 2015 are…

10 Rosyth

9 Rulang Primary

8 Nan Chiau Primary

7 Tao Nan

6 Red Swastika

5 Catholic High

4 Henry Park Primary

3 Ai Tong

2 Nan Hua Primary

1 CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’


CHIJ SNGS leads the pack due to the unprecedented balloting it had to hold for Phase 2A(1) parents in 2015.  With a very strong alumni, between 65% to 88% of its places would be taken up by the end of Phase 2A.  If not for the 40 places that are set aside for the rest of the Phases, it is quite possible that SNGS may not have any places by Phase 2C!

It is also interesting to note that 3 of the schools in this list are in the Bishan/Ang Mo Kio belt, where the prestigious Raffles Institution is located.  Parents staying in this area should be aware of how difficult it might be to get their children into their desired schools.

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