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Top Children Classic Books List (Proven and Tested)

Further to Mincy’s article, like to share with all a website with a very good list of books for children from ages 0 to 12 years old.  As stated by which you can find the whole list of titles, a children’s classic book is defined as follows:

Actual web address for the reading list goto

"What makes a book a children’s classic? The qualities that make a book memorable — unforgettable characters, top-notch writing, outstanding art work or just plain silliness–often deteremine whether it will stand the test of time and reach classic status. Celestial numbers — strong and lasting commercial stales –also drive an ordinary title towards being a classic. And a book’s staying power—its abilitu to reamin popular with young readers and children’s book professionals generation after generation—is another clear indication that a book is destined for classical endowment.  These titles are just a fraction of the literally hundreds of books that could qualify as classics.  We hope you’ll join us in celebrating their merit."

They have book lists according to age group so hope this helps! 80% of the board books on their list for baby/toddler are my toddler’s favorite books! But some of the titles are really hard to find even in our local library. I wanted my child to have our own set of classic books so we can read all over again and again. Hence, i search websites like (and do a part for literacy for the world’s poor),; . If all fails, Amazonis the best!

There are tons of books out there so how to choose which books is suitable? Well, we know our own kids the best! Why make a child read a book when we parents finds it boring to read in the first place? And nothing is too silly to do when reading to your child! Do actions, sing, read in different pitches and voices, ask silly questions and then talk or show them specific words or things that attracts them in the book the day after! For example, We started reading ‘I can share’ book by Karen Katzrecently. Now each time my child is playing with a toy or book, we try to talk to her about sharing like ‘ Mummy or Jie Jie will be so happy if you can share this toy/book with us/her/me"

I do plan the book reading list base on my child’s development and current interests. For example, we are reading many potty, diapers are not forever, separation anxiety and sharing books now (she started playgroup recently). This compliments what we want to build or teach her now.  My child loves lift-the-flap books so I try to search for these editions of titles too.

Fonts, we realized, are also important because kids may pick up any words when we point while reading. That’s the reason why we stop reading Sandra Boynton’s books because the words are all in capital letters although we can do interesting actions with our child.

So which book top my list? "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown. Highly recommended book of all time for starters, it is still considered my best investment!

Perhaps we can start a books sharing or trading post for members to pick up and drop off or sell or trade old or unwanted books.

Here’s to literacy for all children! Happy reading everyone!


interesting... just nice i am

interesting… just nice i am looking for books for DS

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? Where are these books available?

More than words and pictures

What amazes me about Goodnight Moon that it has a musical and…. how to describe…. "chromatic", "luminous" rhythm. As you read the book, the words and the colours of the pages – as I fondly recall – seem to actually wind down and darken. The rhythm of the book slows from a moderato to a largo, so that by the time you reach the end, it’s like a perfectly done cadence, to put it in musical terms. It ends like pure magic.

The colours – the way it alternates between the coloured pages and the B&W pages, seem to cause your eyes to relax, I think perhaps the way you have to refocus betn white to colour. Even the limited colour palette of the coloured pages – I dunno how to praise it, it’s so simple and yet there’s something very beautiful to its simplicity.

Thats the beauty of

Thats the beauty of GOODNIGHT MOON !! The kids never get tired of it! Its amazing. Margaret Wise Brown is indeed one of the best kids authors. This book should be nominated for BEST CHILDREN BOOK EVER!


But seriously I also read somewhere that some times the runner-ups or consolation prize winners for those book prizes are usually those who end up being the classics. Funny but who cares right? as long as they can capture our kids’ attention and make them like reading.!

Gdnight Moon

Quixation, Gdnight Moon is my gal’s and my fav too! I read to her at least once a day since she was 1 yo, regardless of whether it’s bedtime or daytime, until I could memorise the words. Now, it’s still sitting on her shelf next to her bed.

Did you know that besides the Runaway Bunny picture on one of the pages, you can find the mouse ("Goodnight, mouse") on every double page? The mouse changes location each time and my girl loves to look for it and point it out every time we turn the page.

I will go Borders to check all the SB books..


Really ah? I selected 3 books and all three Sandra’s book are all capital letters leh..Go borders check again tmr..

Yeah, goodnight moon is my gals’ top.. Must read every every night.. She can remember all the sentences now.. after reading, we will say Goodnight to everything in our own room with my baby name last lor..

There are other variations for the Goodnight Moon fans like "goodnight room 1,2,3" (a counting book) and "My World" (an opposites book)  so now in the day she reads those.

And i found out inside the GOODNIGHT MOON book is a picture (not mentioned at all) of the cover for ‘THE RUNAWAY BUNNY’.. so Margaret Wise Brown really plan her releases. My gal wasnt interested in The Runaway bunny before but now that she starts playgroup and has a little separation anxiety, i read this book and its similar to ‘THe kissing hand’, "I will love you all day long". Its another touching book for bonding.  


…."I will be a bird and fly away from you" said the little bunny.

"If you beocme a bird and fly away from me," said his mother, "I will be a tree for you to come home to"  UNQUOTE




Top Children Classic Books list

Great sharing, Quixation!  Had been eyeing Goodnight Moon for sometime. Think I am going to get it now with your recommendation. 

After reading your post though I went to check my Sandra Boynton’s "The Going to Bed Book" but the text is in normal sentence case leh…

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