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Top schools to watch out for in each of the Phases in the 2019 P1 Registration

P1 Registration

Hi everyone! It is that time of the year again! Regrettably I had to miss this event last year due to my stroke but our faithful moderator, qms, has been diligently replicating everything I did in my absence to the point that updating the statistics was a breeze for me. Here are our analysis:

Phase 2A (1)

This Phase is for parents who have joined the alumni or part of the school’s management committee. The 3 most popular schools at this Phase in descending order would be:

  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’
  • Henry Park
  • Catholic High

These are by far the hardest Primary Schools to get into in Singapore, with SNGS requiring balloting at least under 2km last year.

Phase 2A(2)

This Phase is intended for alumni or ex-students of the schools who are not signed up in the schools’ alumni, children of teachers in the school, or kids from the school’s affiliated kindergartens. The 4 most popular schools in this Phase are:

  • Nanyang Primary
  • Red Swastika
  • Ai Tong
  • ACS(Primary)

Note that the top 3 schools in Phase 2A(1) above are naturally in this list if they are not oversubscribed earlier.

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Phase 2B

This Phase is for eligible Parent Volunteers (PVs), parents in associated religions, or parents who are related active community leaders. The most 23 popular schools would be:

  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’
  • Ai Tong
  • Catholic High
  • MGS Primary
  • Tao Nan
  • ACS (Primary)
  • Nanyang Primary
  • St Hilda’s Primary
  • Fairfield Methodist
  • Nan Chiau
  • ACS (Junior)
  • CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
  • SJI Junior
  • Kong Hwa
  • Rosyth
  • Canberra Primary
  • St Andrew’s Junior
  • Nan Hua
  • Holy Innocents
  • Pei Hwa Presbyterian
  • Maris Stella
  • Rulang
  • Pei Chin

The “surprising” missing school in the above list is Henry Park Primary. Perhaps it is because it has no religious affiliation, and the school is very careful in selecting PVs.

Phase 2C

This Phase is the “free for all” stage where all Singaporeans and PRs will compete for places in the schools. The 64 toughest schools to get in, in descending order again, are:

  • Sengkang Green Primary
  • Rosyth
  • Northland Primary
  • Nan Hua Primary
  • Nan Chiau Primary
  • Rulang Primary
  • South View Primary
  • St Hilda’s Primary
  • Ai Tong
  • Red Swastika
  • Westwood Primary
  • Alexandra Primary
  • Catholic High
  • Hong Wen
  • Nanyang Primary
  • Punggol Green Primary
  • Henry Park Primary
  • Frontier Primary
  • Canberra Primary
  • Chongfu Primary
  • Mee Toh
  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’
  • Temasek Primary
  • Rivervale Primary
  • Fairfield Methodist Primary
  • Kong Hwa
  • Radin Mas Primary
  • Horizon Primary
  • Yu Neng Primary
  • Tao Nan
  • Pasir Ris Primary
  • Princess Elizabeth Primary
  • Pei Chun Public
  • Gongshang Primary
  • Poi Ching
  • Keming Primary
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary
  • Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary
  • West Grove Primary
  • Bukit Panjang Primary
  • Admiralty Primary
  • West Spring Primary
  • Holy Innocents’ Primary
  • Anderson Primary
  • Chongzheng Primary
  • Riverside Primary
  • Punggol View Primary
  • CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
  • Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
  • Shuqun Primary
  • Hougang Primary
  • White Sands Primary
  • St Joseph’s Institution Junior
  • Innova Primary
  • Maha Bodhi
  • St Anthony’s Primary
  • St Andrew’s Junior
  • Maris Stella High
  • Xinmin Primary
  • Yangzheng Primary
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’
  • Compassvale Primary

Each of the above schools listed above have a high risk of requiring balloting within 1km. Parents who wish to have a fuss-free Registration exercise should avoid these schools as it is not fun to have to sit in a ballot. Perhaps it might be better to look ahead at the next round and choose the next option now than to compete in the final Phase.

Phase 2C(S)

This is the Phase for Singaporeans and PRs who got balloted out of their dream schools in the earlier Phase. About half the available Primary schools would be out of places by now, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of places left in other schools. The 6 schools that will most require balloting, in descending order, are:

  • Fern Green Primary
  • Springdale Primary
  • North View Primary
  • Evergreen Primary
  • Marymount Convent
  • Punggol Cove Primary

These are schools that will most usually require balloting under 1km in this Phase, so they should be seriously considered by parents in the earlier Phase 2C, if they wish to have a fuss-free Exercise.

We hope this article will be helpful to all parents who have to register this year. Good luck!

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