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Travelling with Junior? Don’t Forget The Milk! + Win an Abbott GROW hamper!

So you’re getting ready for a family getaway during the school holidays or weekend and what’s left to do is to pack your little one’s luggage.

Clothes and PJs – Check.
Toothbrush and toothpaste – Check.
A book, toys or snacks to keep him/her occupied during the journey – Check and all set to travel!

Wait, have you forgotten Junior’s milk?

Some parents may feel that your children have outgrown their milk-drinking years or even if they still drink regularly, it is too troublesome to pack their milk powder for just a couple of days away from home. However, growing-up milk is essential for children’s growth and should continue being an integral part of their daily diet, even while on holiday.


If you find powdered milk formula too much of a hassle to pack or prepare during a vacation, Abbott GROW’s ready-to-drink range is a great option to help your young ones get the necessary nourishment from milk wherever and whenever they work and play. Available in both vanilla and chocolate flavours, these lightweight 180ml tetra packs are convenient to pack into your luggage and for your kids to drink for breakfast at the hotel or while riding the tour bus.

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Going on an adventure at a theme park or planning to let your children frolic in the hotel pool? These are all great playtime activities to promote children’s growth and development but you’ll also have make sure your kids get the nutrition and energy to enjoy the trip. Especially with all the exotic desserts and tempting local snacks beckoning from every holiday street, we know it will take some resolve to try and give kids a balanced meal and not let them over-indulge in sugary or calorie-laden foods that can make them lethargic quickly.


Apart from wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and meat, it is important that their meals, whether at home or during a holiday, should include milk as a rich source of calcium, vitamin D plus other nutrients such as protein and vitamin A.

Research* has showed that 32% of preschoolers were not drinking sufficient milk. Also, older children drank less milk than younger children, and 6 in 10 children (7-10 years old) were not meeting their daily milk recommendation. According to Associate Professor Daniel Goh from the University Children’s Medical Institute of the National University Hospital: “Replacing calcium and nutrient-dense beverages like milk with less nutritious choices may reduce the child’s opportunity to consume vital nutrients in his growing up years.”


Growing-up milk such as GROW® Preschool (for 3 to 6 years old) and GROW® School (for 6 years onwards) offer a clear advantage over fresh milk or UHT milk. GROW®^ is recognised by the Health Promotion Board as a Healthier Choice product with 25% less sugar and 25% more calcium than regular growing-up milk. This improved formulation is also enhanced with IMMUNIGROW, which contains 26 vitamins and minerals to support your child’s natural defenses as well as for mental and physical development.

Particularly, for pre-schoolers who are at an age when bones start to grow longer and stronger, the nutrients in GROW® Preschool, including calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, will help them develop strong and healthy bones, thus providing them the foundation to withstand the stresses of daily activities, and lowering the risk for osteoporosis later in life. For kids between the age of 7 and 12, they will be getting the nutrition from iron, choline, taurine, iodine and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) when they drink GROW® School – all beneficial ingredients for their cognitive development.

Parents will love GROW® for its nutritional value, while kids will enjoy its appealing taste, making it a perfect beverage for everyday and a must-pack item for every family trip!

Find out more about GROW® or request for a sample today at


* Goh DY, Jacob A. Children’s consumption of beverages in Singapore: Knowledge, attitudes and practice. J Paediatrics and Child Health. Vol 47 (2011) 465-472.

^ GROW Preschool and GROW School growing-up milk formula, in powder format.


We are giving away 3 hampers with GROW products. Simply fill up the form and stand to win.

Contest closes on 25 September 2016.



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