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Tribute to Mum

I am inspired to pen this poem for my mother who has gone through a lot and suffered much in life to bring up my sibling and I. Now that I am also a mother, I understand more deeply a mother’s selfless and dedicated love.






Tribute to Mum

You toiled endlessly for me when I was little,
Not a word of blame, you gave me your all.

You were tough in your discipline,
But you have never stinged on your love.

Life was hard on you,
But you never once gave up and ran.

You stood and fought every battle,
You gave me the best you could.

Now in your twilight years,
You have lost your fighting spirit.

You always say you are tired,
Perhaps from all the years of toil.

Mummy, I really love you,
More than you will ever know.

May God bless you abundantly,
With good health and happiness always.


good poem :)

good poem 🙂

 good poem. happy monther's

 good poem. happy monther’s day

You are welcome, monmon. And

You are welcome, monmon. And lets show our appreciation for our mothers not just on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year.

You're most welcome,

You’re most welcome, Schweppes! And thanks for appreciating my poem.

Thanks, poppy. I'm glad to

Thanks, poppy. I’m glad to share my thoughts and insights.

Wonderful Poem

So true for me…this really remind me that I should spend more time with my mum..

Thank you for the wakeup call

Thanks Angelight for sharing.

Thanks Angelight for sharing. You always write such insightful posts

truely touching &

truely touching & inspirational story

Thanks, autumnbronze! Yes,

Thanks, autumnbronze! Yes, I’m blessed to have a great mum and I hope to do my very best to be a great mom to my DD too.

Hi Angelight

What a beautiful poem.  Really touching.

You are so fortunate to have such a fantastic mom!!!

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