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A-Level Chemistry at H2 level is a challenging subject to master. It requires one to have a firm understanding of the concepts and also the ability to make connections between the topics.  Scoring an A for Chemistry at H2 Level is not an easy feat, however most students can still improve if given the proper teaching and guidance.

Getting a tutor who is able to explain difficult concepts in a simple and easily comprehensible way can be more efficient than trying to figure out on your own. Only experienced tutors are able to do that due to their many years of teaching experience as they can see concepts in a different angle.

Mr Donnell Koh who has more than 20 years of experience teaching A Level Chemistry, shares his views on how get a distinction in the subject.


Having a set of good concise set of notes is important to help in the studying process. A good set of notes should be concise, not overwhelming, yet have appropriate examples and practice questions with progressive levels of difficulty. The notes should be able to explain the concepts clearly and inspire them to read up more if they are keen to dwell deeper.

twigStudents should create their own mind maps and summaries for each topic so that it is easier to revise later on. Not only does it save time, the revision can be more targeted as only the important points are listed.



There is no shortcut for doing well besides prefect practice.Practice in itself is great, but if you only practice things you good at, you are doing it wrong. In order to do well at anything, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and practice things you are not good at. This is known as deliberate practice. Deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. On top of  spending more time on your weaker topics, it is also important to concentrate while practicing. If you are practicing while your mind is all over the place, you are not getting much out of it.So step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Concentrate on whatever is most difficult for you, and soon you will realise that you can achieve a higher level of understanding.


Nowadays, teaching and learning is not restricted to the classroom. There are a lot of resources online and students are now able to ask teachers questions via text, whatsapp, email or arrange for consultation. In fact Mr Koh says he gets many whatsapp messages from students via whatsapp even at odd hours of the day.

Knowledge is highly accessible as long as one is willing to find out or ask. Students need to be more resourceful and also ask their peers, teachers or private tutors for assistance whenever in doubt. Clearing any doubts immediately will remove the barriers to learning and pave the way for more effective learning.

twig97% of students see 2 grades improvement or more! 

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