Understand what problems your child is facing

Do you find getting your child to do his homework a daily problem?

If that is so, you are definitely not alone. Almost all parents I spoke to told me they face this problem very commonly too. It is also one of the most common areas that children and parents fight over.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Mother: DS, can you switch off the TV and go and do your homework?

DS: 10 more minutes, mum.

Mother: What?! 10 more minutes? You have been watching for the past hour! Don’t you have homework to do?

DS: yes, yes… But I don’t feel like doing…

Mother: You are such a lazy boy. Switch off the TV and go and do your homework now!

Usually, this method of communication does not solve the problem and only end up in ugly disputes. Parents often think that when their children do not do homework, it is because they are lazy. This is not always true.  Children avoid homework due to different reasons. Therefore if you can ponder deeper to find out the cause of the problem, you will realise that constantly nagging and scolding may not be the correct medicine after all.

For example, when a child avoids homework, it could be due to these reasons:

  1. He studied hard but failed. So he concluded that studying is not for him and it is totally pointless.
  2. He gives up out of frustration. He does not know how to do or where to start.
  3. He is just a poor manager of time. He always pushes his homework till the very last minute.

You see, there can be many reasons for your child avoiding his homework. Therefore I urge every parent to spend time communicating with their children and understand the reasons they have. And whatever the reasons they have for avoiding homework, it is important that it should not be allowed to become a habit, because those bad habits may become part of his working life when he grows up.

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your child like to do homework?

This is the 3rd time I am trying to post this message. Hm…each time I post, the message gets shorter cos my time to surf is running out for the day…Kiasuparents doing some site upgrading?

Ok, my kid loves doing homework! No kidding. But I think that’s because he does so much abacus homework that he’d rather do other homework ANYTIME! Not that he has homework, it’s those workbooks that I let him do at home.

Could it be a matter of relativity? Try getting them to mop the floor or wipe the windows and they’d rather do homework? 👿

I suppose most of the

I suppose most of the children don’t enjoy doing homework despite about 3 reasons.
Any child loves to do homework here?

Yes, thanks indeed!

I totally agree! Thanks to all the great mothers, like mine. Of course, I have no kids [I’m one myself], but I thank my mother for teaching me many things.

Which Is the right one?

Being a mummy is not easy at all. and that too being a first time mummy is extremely hard.Thanks to my mother who is there to take over when handling the infant gets tough!I cant help marvel at the kind of ideas she comes up with to ease some of my son’s discomfort!These are the ideas that no books can provide!Thanks to our experienced mothers! 

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