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Understanding Changes In Children

Hi there, I have seen many little children giving headache to parents.

A few things to note when they throw tantrums, are hard to understand, speak less with parents, refuse to share secrets, get restless or give up easily, or dun even bother to try in many interesting activities you provided. 

1. They could be having problems with their peers supports in School: either they are being boycotted or criticised.  Sometimes our children may even fight physically or verbally, but they won’t tell us they have these fights or quarrels for fear that we may scold/beat them.  They are just very sensitive.

2. They are adapting to a new environment and strange people all of a sudden and they may take days, months or even years to understand what’s happening. We have been protecting them all the time. Without us in school is a very ‘BIG’ challenge to them. Just like we changing our jobs. Find out more about the school, know what activities or topics the school is going into, preparing them well with your kids. I find that by going to library regularly with our kids borrowing books related to the school topics helps a lot.

3. All of a sudden, the child have to be stressed by school works and CCAs, which means very little funtime left with parents and themselves. For us parents, homework and performance in CCAs come first, but we are seeing into our children’s overall development. For the children, if we never pass the correct message that attending school is to increase their knowledge and that they should make more friends and for their own future sake… they may think we send them to school to suffer.

For working parents, our children may not be able to get to us when they are in need of us, to call for help… Try calling them up during lunch break or when you know they will be at home, to ask about homework, any difficulties, making any new friends, any boy/girl friends, having jokes, help them to revise spelling or talk about yourself (They want to know what mummy or daddy are doing in work or what they eat for lunch, will you be coming back in time for diner, etc) In this way you save sometimes of catching up and reensuring that they are okay, and they know you are working hard for them.

Get them a home tutor, if they perform badly in school.  They are never stupid, they are just talented in other subjects which we have not discover. With home tutor to guide them they will be more confident in school.

Bring your children out to educational places like Botanic Garden, Science Centre, Zoo…. to relax and have a good time together at least once a month. Let them be in-charge of the event, the food and programme, so that they can pick up responsibilities and knowledge.

As for me, I am a sensitive mum, and want every children to be happy children.. Still trying to know all the stages that my child is going into.

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