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Understanding The Singapore Primary School Registration Processes


The annual Singapore Primary One Registration Exercise is meant for 6 year old children who are Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents to register for Primary One in the following year.  The age of the child eligible for registration is dependent on the calendar year – as long as the child will turn 7 before 2nd Jan of the following year, he/she must be registered in the Registration Exercise of the current year. 

This means that the age difference between the youngest and oldest child in the cohort can be as much as an entire year.


The Registration Exercise is divided into 7 distinct phases: Phase 1, Phase 2A(1), Phase 2A(2), Phase 2B, Phase 2C, Phase 2C(Supplementary), Phase 3.

The intent of the Phases is to assign priority to students who are already affiliated to the schools in some way because of their parents or siblings.

The Phases are mutually exclusive and sequential – there are no overlaps.  This means that while parents can participate in 1 or more of the Phases, they must surrender any successful registration they may have obtained for their children in earlier Phases before they are allowed to participate in subsequent Phases.

Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents can participate in any of the Phases.  Children who are neither Singaporeans nor Permanent Residents can only participate in Phase 3.

SC vs PRs

Since 2012, MOE has assigned “absolute priority” for Singapore Citizens (SCs) over Permanent Residents (PRs) in any Phase of the Exercise.  This effectively means SCs will never find themselves competing for a place in any given Phase with PRs.  Even a SC who stays more than 2km away from a school has higher priority than a PR staying within 1km to the school.  As an example, if a school has only 10 places left, and 20 SCs stay more than 2km away and 5 PRs stay within 1km, the 5 PRs will not even get a chance to ballot, leaving the 20 SCs to ballot for the 10 places.

Distance Prioritisation

Any student who applies for Phase 1 will be successful.  Therefore, there is no need for citizenship or distance prioritization.  However, as demand often outstrips the supply of vacancies after Phase 1, priority is given to those that stay near the school.  This distance prioritization is categorized as 3 buckets:

  • (Highest Priority) those who stay within 1km,
  • those who stay between 1-2km, and
  • (Lowest Priority) those who stay beyond 2km of the school

Should the number of qualifying applicants exceed the number of places available for a particular Phase, the rule is to fill the closest <1km bucket first, followed by the 1-2km bucket, and finally the >2km bucket.  Balloting occurs at the bucket where the number of qualifying applicants exceed the total number of available places, and anyone in the lower priority buckets will not even get a chance to ballot.

  • As an example, if the number of available places is 100, and there are 20 <1km applicants, 30 1-2km applicants, and 60 >2km applicants, then the 50 applicants that are <1km and 1-2km away from the school will be successfully registered, and the 60 >2km applicants will have to ballot for the remaining 50 places.
  • As another example, if the number of available places is 100, and there are 100 <1km applicants, 20 1-2km applicants, and 20 >2km applicants, then the 100 applicants that are <1km will be successfully registered, and the remaining 40 applicants will not even get a chance to ballot.  Hence, no balloting will occur for this Phase, even though there are more applicants than vacancies.  This is the cut-off situation.

It is therefore paramount that if your child only qualifies for Phase 2B or 2C, you should check the balloting history for the school you are targeting and weigh your chances based on your distance from the school.  In general, if you are not within 1km of the school, you should NOT attempt to register in the school if the school has a past history of balloting in Phase 2B or 2C.  Spare yourself the disappointment of not even being able to join the ballot if you are outside of the cut-off bucket.

Allocation of Places

Since 2012, 40 places are kept aside to be equally split between Phase 2B and 2C.  This is to prevent parents with school affiliations from consuming all the places in a school in Phase 1 and Phase 2A.

The places remaining after the end of Phase 2A2 are equally distributed between Phase 2B and Phase 2C.  No places are explicitly reserved for any Phase subsequent to Phase 2C.  This means that for most popular schools, there are unlikely to be any vacancies left for either Phase 2C(Supplementary) or Phase 3.

Registration Strategies Worthy of Consideration

  • Whenever possible, get your child registered in Phase 1, 2A1 or 2A2 in the school that you have that priority.  Spend more time preparing your child for Primary 1 instead of biting your nails over getting him/her in one of the top Primary schools.  If your child is good enough, you can always get a transfer for him/her into the elite school should you still desire it to be so, at the end of Primary 1.
  • Go for the school that is nearest to your home.  This distance becomes significant when the child enters Primary 3, where he/she will have to do lots of extra curricular activities.  Less time on travelling can also translate to more time at home relaxing or revising.
  • Go for a co-ed school if you have both sons and daughters.  This will mean you only need to go through the registration hassle once.
  • Go for the school that has affiliation with a good Secondary school.  This makes it easier for the child to get into the Secondary school even with just average PSLE results.
  • Try to get into Phase 2B only if you are staying <2km or less to the school.  If you are staying beyond 2km, chances are, you will not even get to ballot in Phase 2B.  Again, check the balloting history to fine-tune your actions.  Read this article for ideas on how to get into Phase 2B.
  • Register towards the end of the Phase you qualify for.  Only Phase 3 is first-come-first-served – for the earlier Phases, you don’t win by registering early.  This is especially true if you do not stay within 1km of the school.  Registering later allows you to gauge the demand in the particular Phase, and estimate your chances better.  If you are trying to get into a very popular school, always have as your backup at least 1 more school which you can go to register once you determine that you have no chance for your first choice school.
  • Register as soon as Phase 3 opens, if you are a foreigner.  This is the only Phase that is first-come-first-served.  If you wish to get your child into a “better” school, refer to first point above.
  • Put your child on the school’s waiting list, should you fail to get your child in by Phase 2C.  I have known of cases where the places open up in the month of December due to parents withdrawing their children for various reasons.  You can then choose either staying with your 2nd choice, or going back to your 1st choice.



P1 registration

hi would like to find out if we fail to get placement in phase 2A(2) like in the case of ACS this year oversubscription in phase 2A(2), can we still apply in phase 2B and will priority be five to old boys? Btw we are not living within 2km the school. 


Singapore citizens working overseas with no local address

Hi, we are Singaporeans currently working overseas and have changed the address to overseas and hence do not have a local address. Any advice for P1 registration? Our previous primary schools are gone/not ideal in terms of distance to where we will be potentially staying when we relocate back. Thanks!


Primary schools affiliated to Hokkien Huay Kuan


Can anyone advise where do I search for the list of schools affiliated to Hokkien Huay Kuan?

Is there a minimum membership period before my kid is qualified to be in Phase 2B?

Is the above guide on different phases of P1 registration still valid? Is distance a criteria in Phase 2A(2) selection?


Phase 3 P1 Admission


Anyone can advise me what could be the selection criteria for nearby available vacant school as so many application?


Best regards,



There is no rule

There is no rule that requires registrants to stay for a minimum number of years at a premise before P1 registration.

Phase 2C

Hi, is there a minimum no. of years of living within 1km of Tao Nan School to qualify for Phase 2C? 

Geylang Methodist Primary school

Hi, my son is pr and we will be part of phase 2C.  I am thinking of Geylang Methodist but I see last year chart and seemed no chance for PR。i am staying 1-2KM to the school. if phase 2c sc has to ballot, mean PR no hope? Please advise. Thanks

How about P2

Hi Friends,

    My kids currently studying in Monfort Brother’s School in India .We are planning to move them to Singapore.My elder son will be eligible to join P2 in 2016 Jan.(Born Oct 2008)

   Do I have to still go through the registration exercise or approach my preferred school?

  I need some advice on good Catholic schools , as I am very particular to put my son in a good Catholic School !!

  Place of residence is also a concern since I intend to decide on the place of residence based on confirmation of the school !!

Please advice !!


Phase 2B

I want to apply my son in holy innocents pri but I stay >2km. My uncle stays just next to the school and he has agrees to volunteer to look after my son as a guardian. Does it mean that I am in < 1km? What do I have to do? Does it mean that my son has to stay with my uncle or is it good enough that my uncle provide after school care? But if I need a school bus, will the school deprive me of one since I will be registering my son at my uncle house?

Parent volunteer for Nan Chiau Primary


I stay within 1km from NCPS and I wish to be a parent volunteer (PV). Can anyone advise when I should start registering to be a PV.

Thank you!

St Anthony Cannosian and Gongshang

Any comment on these 2 school for my girl under phase 2c. Unable to decide which to go to. All Girls or Co-Ed.

@earl_grey : register at Sch B after securing place at Sch A


You would need to de-register at Sch A and give up the place you secured before you are allowed to register at Sch B.

Can still register at School B after securing place at School A?

Hi, I am an alumni of a neighbourhood school, and considering doing PV for a popular school. A friend told me that I can register daughter with my alma mater at phase 2A(1) to secure a place, then try my luck at phase 2B with the popular school; if I manage to get a place at the popular school, I can then transfer daughter from my alma mater to the popular school. I’d like to ask if this is correct? Thanks.

If you do not name the

If you do not name the schools, there is no way anyone can provide you with much advice 🙂

P1 registration



If the school within my 1km does not offer mother tongue, what are my chances of getting into another school that offers second language but its at the 1-2km ?


That’s right. There are 3 days for phase 2C registration. It doesn’t matter if you go on the first or the last day. Allocation of places will only be carried out after registration has completed.

In fact, some parents will register on last day, so that they can gauge if they have a reasonable chance to get a place in the first choice school. If no chance, then register at 2nd choice.

Phrase 2C


Would like to confirm, if I’m under Phrase 2C, by registering early or later (within the allocated registration date)does not make difference right?

@Tang ERIC

hi Eric

Under the current registration rules, we have to withdraw from the first school that we have registered with, before we can register at the second school.

Once withdrawn, we are not allow to take back that place.

Primary One Reg For Nex Year 2013 In take


I just wanna to check if we register our child under phase 2a and the final result is that our child application for the former parent primary school turn out to be successful and what happens is that if we change our mind give up the first choice of the school and we go for our second choice of our child next year primary school which falls under phase 2 c (within 2km of distnace) is our child still able to go for the registration for the second choice in mind ? Are we able to get in as well even though there is balloting or no being required?



 Hi,I m an old girl fr Canossa Convent pri not sure if it’s affiliated to CHIJ Kellock .




Qns on Phase 2A2

Hi, am asking for future posterity. If I was from MGS Secondary but not MGS Primary, can my daughter still qualify for Phase 2A2 registration?

Maha Bodhi School - what are my chances?

This comment has been moved here.


If you are not related to RGPS in any way (ex-student, PV, etc), then you belong to phase 2C…which is for general public. And at your distance (>2km), you pretty much have no chance of getting your daughter into the school.

To get priority in registration, perhaps you can look at this forum thread for some idea:

Wow so many confusion


I am mother of 2 gals 4yr and 1yr. I want my daugthers to Attend Raffles Girls Primary 2014. But i stay no where near it and not a alumni. I stay in Chua Chu Kang.

I want which phase i fall in, what are my chances and what should i do to save guard a seat.?

pls advice




Phase 2B - definition of active grass roots member

In order to qualify for Phase 2B, do I need to be grass roots member of the GRC where the school is located?  Thanks

Old boys

Hi, My hubby is ACS old boys. He only joined Alumi this year. Is it confirmed that our son will straight away given the pirority seat?

After Phase 2C Supplementary, what's next?


We live in Sembawang which have only 4 schools in this area. We are planning to ballot 2 times to get my son into a better school as both are < 1 km.

I would like to know if balloting is unsuccessful for the 2nd choice school in Phase 2C Supplementary, what will happen?

1)is it true that MOE will post my son to any schools that near our address which still have vacancies? it is worth taking the risk as only one of them is less than 2 km.

2) or schools near the region? eg. YISHUN,ADMIRALTY, WOODLANDS


Taken from MOE website:

Phase 2B

For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 July 2010 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 June 2011; or whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school; or whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.

If you are none of the above, then you are phase 2C.

2B or 2C in CHIJ TPY

Dear Parents,

Good Day.  I am new and do pardon my ignorance.

I have two girls aged 5 and 6.  Therefore, getting the first into CHIJ TPY becomes very important for me.

Anyone can share with me if I am in 2B or 2C for CHIJ TPY?

I will be staying in the new built(THE PEAK-TOP 2012 August) at Lorong 1A Blk 138B.

Thank you.


@LittleBear : Address

hi LittleBear

Yes, there are many possible ways to beat the system and given the shear number of applicants each year, it is nearly impossible for the authority to check and prevent all “creative workaround”.

However, once caught the culprit will get lots of free publicity in local media and internet, plus the child will be transfered out to another school.

Furthermore it is a statutory offense to make false declaration of home address or failed to timely change the address; and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or to both. (see national registration act).

IMO, it is not worth the risk.


Thank you. Tan Kee ! for your previous 2 replies. It is very clear.

However, regarding Address, I am a bit confused.
Let’s say: Father Address is within 1Km. Mother Address is >1km.

So the couple presents 2 IC and declares the Kid is living in Father Address at the time of registration. After successful balloting, the couple declares that the kid is moving to Mother’s address to live.

There is no cheat in above practice. Right?

If above practice is “logical”, Father could choose to rent a house near the desired school few months before registration.

Is this a workable practice?

@jenku : address

hi jenku

During registration, NRIC of both parents must be presented.

You should be using the address that you will be staying when the child is in the primary school.

address is determined by both parents or 1 will do?


For registration, do we need both parents IC or just 1 will do, so as to determine the address of the child?

For eg, mother’s add is as per grandparents which is 1-2km fr the sch but the father’s one is as per new hse which is <2km fr the hse?

@Little Bear : Pink Cut Off, No Balloting < 1km

hi Little Bear

(a) yes, a cut off means after allocating by distance, for this case < 1km, there is no more places for further distance, > 1km. thus no balloting.

(b) yes, thus usually there is a mad rush during the last hr of registration.

@Little Bear - PV does not guarantee a place

hi Little Bear

PV does not guarantee a place in the school.

it only qualify you to register under phase 2B, together with other PV, community leaders and religious & clan members. School can only control the number of PV, but not the number of applicants from the other categories and also not the number of places available for 2B.

if the number of applicants in phase 2B is more than available places in 2B, then allocation and balloting will occur according to distance proximity.

PV does NOT guarantee your child a place in the school?


Joining the School’s Parent Volunteer Programmes (PV)

This is by far the most common method practiced by parents today.  It is also the safest method, although we have to state that while being a PV qualifies you to register in Phase 2B, it does NOT guarantee your child a place in the school!

=== I am a bit confused at (PV does not guarantee your child a place in the school). In another article, it is said that Top School may have 75% occupied at the end of Phase 2A. Then based on the rule, the half of remaining vacancies=12.5% is allocated to Phase 2B. These 12.5% positions allocation methods follow Distance Priority Guideline. Unless there are so many PV within 2km such that PV outside 2km do not secure a position. Am I correctly interpretating your meaning? Thank you for reply.

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) APP in 2008 Phase 2C

Dear Kiatsu Parents,

By reading your posted table, I understand that:

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) APP in 2008 Phase 2C is 132% and Pink Color shows No cut off for <1km.

May I say that

a. 32% of Phase 2C applicants are >1km.

b. If these 32% applicants are vigilent enough, (Vigilent means they should be aware that they are >1km), they should have a careful check on the last application day of Phase 2C. When they find out sufficient applicants are within 1km, they should not apply this school in Phase 2C. They are wasting Phase 2C opportunity.

Am I right?



The short answer is no

You can register your child using her grandparents’ addresss if you meet the following criteria and make a statutory declaration. However, when come to balloting, you will be balloted in 1-2 km even though the address is < 1km.


  • Both parents are working full-time at the time the statutory declaration was made; and
  • The child is under the full time care of a grandparent or parent’s sibling; and
  • The child’s grandparent or parent’s sibling is not employed

    If statutory declaration is used, children who are registered using either of the grandparent’s or parent’s sibling’s address and residing within 1 km or between 1 km and 2 km of the school of choice are balloted together with other children residing between 1 and 2 km of the school


  • Register with grandparents address

    Can I register my child’s address at her grandparent’s address to qualify <1KM?

    thank u!

    thank u!

    RE: Distance prioritisation

    Hi awval

    I’m not so sure about Permanent Residence or Foreigners, but if you are a citizen, I think there’s no real ‘set’ period of time you have to occupy the house to qualify. I think as long as you can proof you are staying there – via address in IC or property tax with your name etc… you can qualify.

    I think even if you are waiting for your house to be completed ( if its a new condo for example, of course within a year or year and a half until TOP) and can proof with a ‘option to purchase’ or some form of bank loan stating you own the place, you can apply with distance prioritisation for the school of choice.

    Distance prioritisation


    does anyone know if we need to occupy the house for a certain period of time before we can qualify under <1km & between 1km & 2km? if so, how long is this period of time?


    thank u!

    Re: Proof of old boy/old girl?

    Hi nlimm,

    On top of what tankee had mentioned, there is an alternate mean in case you couldn’t find your husband’s report book, or PSLE cert (which happened to me). I used the statement of result purchased from MOE to register my child in phase 2A. See below for MOE’s email reply:


    Dear Mr XX,

    Thank you for writing to us on 21 Aug 2008 with regard to your enquiry.

    We would like to share with you that The Ministry of Education (MOE) only keeps records of the national examinations (PSLE, GCE ‘N’ level, GCE ‘O’ level and GCE ‘A’ level). The PSLE and GCE Certificates cannot be reprinted once they are misplaced. However, you can purchase a copy of the statement of results from us. A statement of results is an official document issued by the MOE which indicates the exam results obtained by the candidates in the GCE or PSLE examination in a particular exam year. As the statement is issued by MOE, it can be used as a substitute for certificates, if candidates have misplaced the original certificates.

    To purchase a copy of the statement of result, you can download the application form from :

    Each copy of the statement is S$10 (Self Collect at CSC) plus postage S$2 (by post to a Singapore mailing address) or S$5 (by post to a mailing address outside of Singapore).The completed application form, together with a copy of your NRIC/passport and a cheque is to be sent to our Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, Podium Block, MOE Building, 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675. Your cheque is to be in Singapore currency and made payable to the "Accountant General Singapore". Upon receipt of your completed application, we will print the statements and have them mailed to the mailing address stated in your application.

    Alternatively, you can purchase the statement personally at the above mentioned address. Each copy of the statement costs S$10 (excluding postage). Please bring along your original NRIC/passport for verification. Our Customer Service Centre is open from Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm and Sat, 8am – 1pm (closed on Sundays and Public Holidays).

    Should you wish to visit CSC personally, please note that for the PSLE exams taken from 1960 to 1975 , the results are kept in our storage facility and not in our computer database, As such, for these periods of examination, the processing time for the statement of results will be longer and the applicant will not be able to obtain the statement on the spot. For examinations taken after the above period of examination, the results may be retrieved from our computer database immediately

    We hope the above clarifies. Should you have any further enquiries, please quote the following reference number : 2008/08/680073 when you email me at Alternatively, you may also speak with our Customer Service Executives at 6872-2220.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Mr Dennis Ho

    Customer Services Branch, MOE


    hi nlimm You would need

    hi nlimm

    You would need your hubby’s primary school report book as proof. Some schools do keep records, but practise is different from school to school. Last thing you want is to find that the school do not have any records for that year during registration.

    Extracted from MOE website

    G: For Registration under Phase 2A(1)

    In addition to the documents listed in A or B and D, relevant documents certifying the status (eg. member of the School Advisory/Management Committee, or former student of the school and member of the school’s alumni association) of the parent should also be provided. These documents are to be retained by the school until the child has completed his/her studies in the school.

    Proof of old boy/old girl?


    How do we prove tt we r old boy/ old girl? Would the sch have records tt dated back to 1980s, coz my Hb finished psle in yr 1988 & I’m keen to enroll my boy to the sch under phrase2A

    Hi Tiezi : 2 Schools at the same time (same phase)

    hi Tiezi

    No. You can’t.

    All applicants can only register at any 1 school at any 1 time. You would have to withdraw from school A before you are able to register in school B in the same phase or subsequent phases.

    If you finished PV at 2 or more schools, you will be eligible to register your girl at any 1 of these schools under phase 2B, but not at more than 1 school.

    Can I register 2 school at same time (same phase)?


    If I finished PV for two schools, can I register my daughter for both of the schools during phase 2B?

    If register two school at same time, if school A needs ballot and the school B does not need ballot in 2B, does it mean my daughter will go to school B automaticly?



    > I stay in Bishan and say, my old school is GuangYang (which by statistics is not very popular). I think it is very difficult to get into AiTong at 2B or 2C. So, I go straight to GuangYang.

    > Not to be offensive. But even if (IF and a BIG IF) my son gets 1st in P1 in GuangYang, how do I prove that my child is ‘good enough’ to goto the elite school, say Ai Tong ?

    Kimsoon, apologies for taking so long to respond to your message.  In the first place, a school is only as elite as the students that attend it.  Unlike Secondary schools which is able to stream students based on PSLE results, students registered to "elite" Primary schools are at all levels of competencies.  If your child is able to top his class in Guangyang, he is probably more than qualified to attend any "elite" Primary School, including Ai Tong.

    RE: define old school boy/girl

    hi jo_thng

    Your uncle is eligible to enroll his son at Ai Tong.

    He need to provide his old report book as evidence.

    Good luck.

    How the primary school define old school boy/girl??

    Can any good soul advise how the school define old school boy/girl??
    My uncle used to study in Ai Tong Primary, but completed P.3..not sure if he’s eligible to enrol his son there??
    Help ;-$

    Re: Being a PV

     hi lovefaith
    Being a PV and meeting the requirement of the school would make you eligible to register your child under phase 2B, together with grassroot leaders & church / clan members. This is 1 phase ahead of normal Singaporean & PR parents, which can only register in phase 2C.
    You can check your choice school’s past years’ registration history to determine whether you need this 1 earlier phase advantage.


    Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

    Being a PV

    Hi, can anyone share your experience being a parent volunteer? If i choose a school (not top school) within 1km, must i still be a PV? thks.

    Transferring to a elite school?

    From my experience of students transferring to a more elite school, I had a few cases in my centre. It is not as easy as just showing your child’s superb result to the elite school? Most of these elite schools usually do not have vacancy at all!

    So, what you should do is go to the school and register your intention to put your child there. Of course your child must have done well in her school exam. Then you will be put on the waiting list until someone from the school withdraws. Every now and then you must go to the school to show your enthusiasm to find out about the progress. Sometimes can wait long long bcos there may be already quite a few on the waiting list.

    Kimsoon, Just show the


    Just show the results to ATS & see whether is there a chance to get transfer in.


    RE : transfer at end of P1

    refer to your para :

    Whenever possible, get your child registered in Phase 1, 2A1 or 2A2 in the school that you have that priority.  Spend more time preparing your child for Primary 1 instead of biting your nails over getting him/her in one of the top Primary schools.  If your child is good enough, you can always get a transfer for him/her into the elite school should you still desire it to be so, at the end of Primary 1. 

    My comments and questions :

    Your suggestion is very interesting. Can you pls elaborate ? Also, can u pls advise on my case ?

    I stay in Bishan and say, my old school is GuangYang (which by statistics is not very popular). I think it is very difficult to get into AiTong at 2B or 2C. So, I go straight to GuangYang.

    Not to be offensive. But even if (IF and a BIG IF) my son gets 1st in P1 in GuangYang, how do I prove that my child is ‘good enough’ to goto the elite school, say Ai Tong ?


    There's nothing much you can do...

    … except pay SLA a couple of dollars to confirm your distance from the school.  If it says <1km, you can go back and appeal your case, otherwise, too bad.

    Distance of school

    I am enrolling my child into Phase 2C supplymentary. From the the statelite measure online my house is within 1km, when I went to the school, the admin girl it is within 1 to 2km. What can I do now? Please advise.

    Phase 2C balloting

    Hi All,

    I’m staying within 1 km from both West Grove and Jurong West Primary. Since both needed balloting for  within 1 km for 2007/8,  i’m confused which school should I register, any advice for me?

    What will be the balloting date if we need to ballot?



    Report Card or Book maybe

    Report Card or Book maybe already lost. Maybe the PSLE Certificate would be a best option.

    Important documents to bring for P1 Registration

    I heard that if i’m to enrol my child in my old school, i have to bring my old report card. Is this true? What if i’ve lost it since it’s been donkey years since i left the primary school!

    Good luck to all parents

    Good luck to all parents who are taking part in this year P1 registration.  I remember what a torture it was as I run between the two school to review the chance of getting in without balloting.  I wonder if other countries is like Singapore?

    Phase 2C (RVPS Full House)

    Just finish reading the newspaper. Said that RVPS past 3 years in Phase 2C would be full house.Meaning that high chance of balloting yeah.

    联合早报 Phase 2C Full House

    联合早报 of today 6 July said Phase 2C all full house. Heard it from my friend. Anyone have a copy of the information & can paste it out?

    Any info on P1 registration from NEWSPAPER can serve as a reference.

    Good Work

    Good work here. Can see that a lot of thoughts have gone into this. 

    Grandparents address...

    Smurfest, if the school that you are registering for has a history of balloting in Phase 2B or 2C at ANY distance, you have to monitor the situation carefully.  If not, just register on the first day and hang loose.

    thanks chiefkiasu for your

    thanks chiefkiasu for your advice.  A bit to clarify further before i ready for the registration: I’ll be using the grandparent’s address for registration, which means that it will be under 1km – 2km category even the actual distance is less than 1 km.  Does it mean that i should keep track of the application for the first 2 days and decide?  Sorry for my confusion


    Let me put it this way… if you are staying within 1km of the school, it doesn’t matter which day you register for the school.  Just register on the first day and be done with it.

    If you stay beyond the 1km radius, you need to keep in close touch with the application figures during the process itself.  If the number of applicants in the 1km radius exceed number of available places, you will automatically have failed in the Phase.  So the sooner you know, the earlier you can take remedial action to activate your next few choices within that Phase.


    > Am I right to assume that the school will allocate/ballot for Phase 2B first, then when this is done, then they move on to do the same for Phase 2C?


    > So, if I don’t get a place based on Phase 2B (affiliated to organisation), then I can try for the same school based on Phase 2C (<1km from school)?


    > And if I still don’t get a place for my son after Phase 2C, then I basically have to settle for any school that has vacancy?


    Register towards the end of

    Register towards the end of the Phase you qualify for. 

    My child is qualified for Phase 2C and there are 3 days given for registration.  Does that mean if I register on the last day, the school will able to advise on my chances?

    Phase 2B completed, then Phase 2C?

    Dear ChiefKiasu et al,

    Am I right to assume that the school will allocate/ballot for Phase 2B first, then when this is done, then they move on to do the same for Phase 2C?

    So, if I don’t get a place based on Phase 2B (affiliated to organisation), then I can try for the same school based on Phase 2C (<1km from school)?

    And if I still don’t get a place for my son after Phase 2C, then I basically have to settle for any school that has vacancy?

    The schools will let you know your chances...

    … as you register for the Phase.  If the shorter distance buckets are already filled up by the time you register, they will advise you not to register, and instead, go for your next choice school.

    Phrase 2C

    For those schools that has vacancies in Phrase 2C, do they offer info as to how many registrations have been taken up by the last day of 2C registration ? In my case, worried that balloting may still take place for less than 1km, What should we consider before going for 2nd school choice?

    Phase 2B (80% Believed)

    Perhaps I believed at 80% since this time round the student size had cut down to 240 places. Maybe the Phase 2B where I’m more than 2Km check with them on the last day determine how is my chances.   

    If the past balloting

    If the past balloting history said do not require any balloting. the chance of getting in is much higher.

    Phase 2B

    Try to get into Phase 2B only if you are staying <2km or less to the school.  If you are staying beyond 2km, chances are, you will not even get to ballot in Phase 2B.  Again, check the balloting history to fine-tune your actions.

    I have a school (RVPS) where I’m in Phase 2B more than 2Km. Past balloting history said do not require any ballot. Should I try Phase 2B (RMPS,1Km to 2Km) instead of the Phase 2B (RVPS D>2km)


    You can participate in any unrestricted Phases

    Dear agneslsk, I assume you are asking if you fail in Phase 2B, would you be allowed to participate in Phase 2C for the same school.  The answer is YES.  However, you must re-register your child again for Phase 2C for that school.  It is not automatic.

    Qualified for Phase 2B and <1km - how?

    Hello.  I wish to get more certain of my strategy. Here is my situation. There is a primary school that I am keen to send my son to. I am a parent member of the organisation that the school is affiliated to, so I guess I qualify for Phase 2B. I am also living <1km from that primary school.

    Should I count on getting on my son through Phase 2B or can I double my chance by waiting on Phase 2B and Phase 2C at the same time? Or am I wrong to think that I can participate in both Phase 2B and 2C?

    Thanks for noticing!

    jedamum, you are absolutely right!  I have amended the diagram accordingly.  Thanks for pointing this out before we confuse parents instead of helping them 

    Phase 3

    Contrary to your first diagram, distance priority does not apply to Phase 3 as registration in this phase will be done on a first-come-first-served basis.

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