Video Training – TweedleWink Programme

Here’s a YouTube preview of the TweedleWink Early Childhood Learning Flashcards Right Brain DVD Program.




why cant i get child to like?

 a bit expensive and maybe not much good for children who are not patient..I was given by friend and gave away also

where to buy tweedlewink in

where to buy tweedlewink in Singapore?

Interested on the complete set of Tweedlewink


May i know how much u are willing to sell? My girl prefer more acedemic CDS (Bumble bee whole series) then Barney/Elmo i would like to try out thanks.



I have a complete set to let go. Pls sms me for price. Thanks


Actually, the photo-eye-play is ok… it’s the narrator’s voice you have to be wary of… it puts my whole family to sleep .  Oh well… I guess it is not for old fogeys like us .

ChiefKS, i sampled the


i sampled the Youtubed and got slightly freaked out when it reached the PhotoEyePlay with Poetry section. looks vaguely like hypnosis….

I have the whole

I have the whole series.

CK you are right. My girl 3 years old prefers somthing else,  like Word Machine than TW.However, my sons (13mths) like watching it. Especially on the affirmation part.

I think there is some sound  editing error too…. my DVD (original) would always sound really loud when they reach MATH DOTS… wanted to feedback to them for ages.




May be too boring

I tried it on my 3yo and she watched it for like 15mins and subsequently runs away everytime I put it on.  She absolutely refuses to watch it.  I tried to play it in my car and she PRETENDED to fall asleep just to avoid it.

If you watch the Youtube version, it is pretty much the exact same thing you are going to get.  My thoughts:

  • The narrator’s voice is too monotonous and boring to excite anyone beyond the age of 1.
  • It may work with babies under the age of 1 – I don’t know, didn’t try it out.
  • The production could have been better for the price they are charging.


hv u bought it?  I am

hv u bought it?  I am interested too.

Have been eyeing this

Have been eyeing this product for sometime now…the creators claim that tweedle wink products is a result of combining the work of  right brain educators including on the work of Betty Edwards, Barbara Meister Vitale, Colin Rose, Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida and others. 

Looks pretty useful. erm may be giving us kiasu parents a break from flash card session. 

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