Vote For Your Favorite Username and Avatar!

In the spirit of the coming festive season, lets have some fun by voting so that one lucky forummer can emerge as having the most CREATIVE nickname/avatar.

The names in the poll above have been nominated by some of our fellow forummers.

NOTE to Contestants:

Please do not change your Avatars or usernames for the duration of this contest.  But you are free to "market" yourself by answering queries from the community in the Forum contest thread.

Please cast your vote carefully as the winner will receive 500 KS points courtesy of the Chief … of course  ,  To cast your vote, click on the See Also: Forum thread link to get to the Poll on the Forum thread.  Note: You only have 1 vote per user, so use it wisely .

I am providing the list of names below with links attached so that you can view their postings.


Nominated by autumnbronze.

"I’m definitely voting for 25hourmaid. so busy sweeping, even at this hour." – mathsparks

"You have my vote…I get dizzy watching YOU in action" – Andaiz


"I only know of busy bee and queenbee, this one is really unique " – ks2me

"I nominate blurbee too! I was about to post in the thread, but ks2me beat me to it!" – 25hourmaid


No avatar.

"claims to be blurqueen but everyone thinks she is far from blur…. so i think she is cutely blur about the fact that she is not blur. " – ks2me

buds_hubs "I nominate bud_hubs dancing boy… gogogog" – kiasimom
ChillyCrab "chillycrab – our KSP artist" – BlurBee

"I don’t know what it means… it just sounds very manly" – ChiefKiasu

ks2me "I nominate ks2me. I found her avatar really cute!" – GreenQ
KSP "good doggie that reads so happily" – BlurBee
mathsparks "for the innovative name and PI cake avatar" – ChiefKiasu

No avatar.

"nice, smooth name… goes down well with some lemon" – ChiefKiasu

Muffins Nominated by autumnbronze

No avatar.

"Is it a teapot? or a peapod? Or a pea in a pot?" – ChiefKiasu


"I get a picture of a glowing angel, like Pinnochio’s fairy godmother or something. Pluzzee… I wanna be a REAL boy!) " – ChiefKiasu

sashimi "Actually sashimi also quite cute. Can norminate 2?" – peapot
schellen "I nominate schellen. Not sure if I got her nick correct. She just given birth so I m sure everyone knows who I m talking about." – peapot

No avatar.

"OK… she told me it was a misspelling… but what she wants was already taken up… so I’ve to convince her that it is God’s will, right?" – ChiefKiasu


"I like winth’s avatar" – kiasimom

"winth’s awesome dino would’ve gotten my vote…" – mathsparks

Zack The words on the board as written by ZacK’s DS1: "Zippy phone teeth that is me. I just call dad and he told me. Zippy phone teeth that is me."
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forgot whether I vote or

forgot whether I vote or not.

I like buds_hubs baby picture

Thanks mathsparks for the

Thanks mathsparks for the link.

All the avatar are so nice.

All the avatar are so nice. By the way, how to add avater?

Avatar inspired by buds ---

Avatar inspired by buds — say CHEESE to my SKII ! Geez, will I be sue for patent rights? Surely they should pay me some advertising fees right?

Actually, the KS team

Actually, the KS team deserves the kudos too ….

What started out as a


idea was transformed into a

big scale 


This wouldn’t have happen w/o the KS team      

Also, members should also be thanked for pouring in suggestions and witty/raunchy remarks to make it more fun


Sleepy's Avatar

Have ya guys seen sleepy’s avatar?

Fierce wor…



How to feel pinches amidst blubber?

Flammable blubber at that too!

I think a whack would be more sound..

Looking forward to your radiant avatar, radiantmum?

SKII anyone?


Did I miss out the FUN?!!

Did I miss out the FUN?!! That’s FTWM’s sad story … but never mind I bring every mum to be HOPE ‘cos still can stay RADIANT ! Before I catch up on my beauty sleep, here’s to CKS’s wish to be a real boy – – PINCH PINCH … you are as REAL you can be and as you want to be !! GLOW GLOW GLOW

PS: & boy, u folks have such ingenious pictures eh … avatar! I must buck up to search for mine liao! 

Thank you mummyjoyce for

Thank you mummyjoyce for the vote!

I am impressed with the

I am impressed with the avatar and I have decided to add one myself – hope you like it.  I have voted for 25hourmaid and I hope I will win !!!


And yes… score!!!  

To the portal publications we go!

Great initiative to keep things fun in KSP!

Kudos girl!


Thanks Mathsparks!

So cute.  🙂

here you go, ks2me


 His avatar reads "Zippy phone teeth that is me. I just call dad and he told me. Zippy phone teeth that is me." – DS1 during one of his random scribbling.




Zack's avatar

Can someone read what is written on Zack’s avatar as I only see a green frame?


No more changing

That’s ok mathsparks.  You will win or lose by your spinning snowman then 🙂

For those without an avatar, you can insert your avatar and alert me or autumnbronze when done, so that we can put it in the list.  Better do it soon, because the voting has already started, and people cannot vote for you again once they have committed their one and only vote.

 sori folks. i din know

 sori folks. i din know abt contest rules and hv changed my  most boring pi to a spinning snowman, halfway to the south pole.

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