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Walter Wick’s books are the result of boundless imagination and carefully choreographed photographs. Alongside the photographs of many of his books,  a deceptively simple verse instructs youngsters to spot specific items in the picture.  Wick’s puzzles can be quite challenging to complet and the pages can easily keep kids happily occupied for hours and coming back for return visits.

"For some fun books to enjoy with the whole family, try the "I Spy" and "Can You See What I See?" books by Walter Wick.  In these books, there will be a list of items to be found in a bigger picture, consisting of lots and lots and lots of things!  The list comes in rhymes. The starter books help teach the young ones to read.  Will help everyone in the family, too, in improving observation skills.  My 4-year-old son just loves these books!  He keeps them by the bedside, for easy reach. 

These are available in the library.  That’s where i discovered them, when i almost joyfully shouted, but remembered where i was, just in time  🙂 " dnbll

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Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing! 

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Spotted at Causeway Point Popular

I also spied a stack at Causeway Point Popular (near the Robin readers) for those who live in the northern part of the island.

Walter Wick books @ Popular

 Found a stack of Walter Wick’s/ Jean Marzollo’s  "I Spy" books at Popular bookstore in Marine Parade.  Was so ecstatic i uttered an "Oh my goodness!"  when i laid eyes on them!    Yipee!  Been going to this bookstore for months and always combing through the shelves for these titles, but didn’t find them.  And then…there they were!  On a stack beside a bookshelf!  Hurray!

 The titles (priced at $20.99) i remembered which were there are:

I Spy Gold Challenger

I Spy – A Book of Picture Riddles

I Spy Fantasy

I Spy Mystery

I Spy Year-Round Challenger

I Spy Extreme Challenger


I have this book too.. its

I have this book too.. its similar to "spot the difference" books..

It does help, thanks!

It does help thanks!

Now…. how to get to Parkway for this mountain owlette? 😉



Walter Wick Books price 2

Hi, there!  Found a couple of Walter Wick Books at Borders Parkway Parade:

1) Can You See What I See?  On A Scary Scary NIght – $25.95

2) Can You See What I See?  Seymour Makes New Friends – $17.95

Not sure if they have more titles, though.  The books in the shelves are a bit mixed up when i went there and just found the 2 above.

Hope this helps


Thanks dnbll!

Thanks for the details, dnbll!

Looks like i WILL make a trip there very soon.

DD2 has done well last term and has picked up reading

quite well these days. She has this eye for detail, that i

am absolutely sure the Walter Wick’s books will prove

to be a hit with her… and hoping with my surprise-love

gift, it will motivate her to read even more. Tks again!


Walter Wick books price

Hi!  The one i visited was Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann (book lovers’ heaven!   ).  The I Spy starter books (reader level 1) are around $7, they’re paperback ones.  The big I Spy books are hardbound and range from $21-$25.  There’s only 1 book i found at Popular Simei (which is also availale at Kino), the I Spy Super Challenger, hardbound, costing 20.99.  Kinokuniya’s more pricey but carry more titles (or maybe i just haven’t found the right Popular branch yet).  For detailed prices and other titles, you can try their Bookweb Singapore site. 

Would love to know, too, where to get cheaper ones; even 2nd hand ones also ok 


Kinokuniya? Ok.. chop plus guarantee arh!! Which outlet and did ya manage to peep how much?


 Hi, there!  I found a

 Hi, there!  I found a number of them are available in Kinokuniya and some in Popular.  Haven’t combed thru Borders yet, though.  The MPH branch i went to, CityLink mall, did not carry them, but am not sure if other MPH branches have.

Hope this helps 🙂

Beautiful Books!

Beautiful books they are indeed!

Can share where to purchase these books in Singapore?

Will BORDERS or MPH carry them and roughly about how much?


my son loves the series as

my son loves the series as well and he can spplend hours looking at the books. One word of caution, remember to let your kids take breaks in between by looking far. I somehow feel the books contributed to his short sightedness, because he really used to stare at the pictures

my dd1 likes them too!

she started off with the i spy cd-rom series. then, we found out that there were books too. we found a few at the library but also bought a few to keep. and yes, sometimes, it’s really tough for the adults too, so i feel rather elated when i spot something that had eluded me for so long.

i like spy book. tks for

i like spy book. tks for recommendation

Great recommendation

Thanks for the great recommendation and the info that it is available in the library.

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