Want Intelligence? Think Brain Fitness!

When we say someone is “intelligent”, we often think of a knowledgeable person with superb abilities to think, reason and problem-solve. As parents, we all wish for our little ones to become the brightest sparks they can be. Some read to our children every day, others use flash cards and yet others buy fancy developmental toys and gadgets to stimulate thinking in our little ones. So, are we really helping our little ones become more intelligent with all these activities? Let’s look at what research says.

In recent years, neuroscientists have been researching the human brain to understand what is important for intelligence. Professor Aaron Barbey, whose research has been on mapping intelligence in the brain, has this to say, “Intelligence depends on the brain’s ability to integrate information from verbal, visual, spatial and executive processes.” (A Mapping of Human Intelligence. Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 2012).

This is an important and exciting revelation for us at BrainFit Studio. For the past twelve years, we have been helping children build fitter brains with rapid thinking speed, solid memory capacity and sharpness of focus in the 4 cores areas of verbal, visual, physical (spatial) as well as attention & working memory (executive processes)! These important brain fitness networks that help us learn and absorb information are the very same brain networks that help us think, reason and solve complex problems. A fitter brain means a more intelligent brain! This is also why we often see a 6-8 IQ points increase in our children after a 20-hour course of brain fitness training.

What does this all mean for parents? It means that if you are planning to build more intelligence in your child, think about activities that help develop all areas of verbal, visual, physical as well as attention & working memory! By building brain fitness in these areas, you are not only helping your child to be a better learner but also helping them to develop intelligence for reasoning and problem-solving!

At Brainfit Studio, we have been using neuroscientific brain fitness programmes to build more intelligent brains in more than 6000 learners since 2001.

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