Weaning a 4yo From Diapers

You might have to start in stages.

1) Bite the bullet. Remove it when she goes to kindergarten (but let her continue wearing at night first). Ensures she empties her bladder after breakfast at home. Kindergartens will hv bio breaks for them in between classes. She will get used to gg to the bathroom with her buddies.

If Kindergarten must wear uniform, then buy 2 more sets on standby. Pack extra panties in her school bag and inform the school that she might wet her uniform from time to time.

2) Wardrobe stock-up. Buy packs of pretty cotton panties for her to pick daily. Cotton On, H&M Kids, Fox Kids, Soda hv nice designs. Maybe match it with her ribbon or socks for the day. If it’s Barbie today, panties can be Barbie designs too:)

3) Continue this diaperless practice at home in the day. Pee after milk intake, before napping and sleeping at night. It’s good to cultivate this habit.

4) Make your bathroom look fun. Buy a pretty toilet seat for girls and a short stool from Ikea. She needs to learn how to sit on the adult WC, not potty. Decorate your bathroom if yours is dreary, musky and cluttered. 

I know some kids have severe 洁癖 when it comes to using the toilet. Scrub your bowl squeaky clean. Ensure bathroom floor is dry at all times or buy cartoon bath mats she likes.

Not sure if she is still using Pigeon wet wipes to clean her poo. But if she isn’t anymore, you can invest in Hello Kitty toilet paper.

Buy her a nice cutesy hand soap that she loves. Kirei Kirei is well-loved by young kids. Go thru that routine at home with her. If you’re working, ask caregiver to cultivate this good habit in her.

5) 3 months later, buy waterproof mattress protector. I got mine from Ikea. Very waterproof indeed! She needs to give up that diaper when she sleeps at night now. Wear those PJs with leggings without panties when she sleeps, so you’ve 1 less item to wash.

Make her sleep directly on the protector which is terry cloth on 1 side and rubber on the other. Not the other way round which is to place sheets over protector. If you do that, you’ll go crazy washing the soiled sheets! Buy a lightweight thermal blanket which is easy to dry.

6) Reward her every morning with a sticker if she doesn’t pee the night before. Praise her when she poos successfully into the WC.

7) Give her a reason. Talk about her poo and pee colour, before flushing it away. My son was so fascinated with the shape and colour of his own poo in the hole, so everytime he finishes his big business, he will describe to me his poo! I’ll explain it was cos he had been a good boy who ate lots of kiwi that evening, etc. If it was hard and tiny, I’d tell him he wasn’t a good boy as he didn’t drink lots of water that day. Same with the colour of his urine. hahah…worked for me, cos it becomes an exciting adventure for him to visit the bathroom. Just make sure she doesn’t taste it! LOL  :rotflmao:

8) Lastly, that should be months later after she weans off her diapers at night, you need to remind her to wake up and visit the bathroom in the middle of the night, if she has urge to pee. Is your bathroom very far from her bedroom? Is it a scary journey to venture there alone at night? Do something about it. Get maid or caregiver to accompany her at night. Or you yourself should not lock your bedroom door so she can approach you for help. Let her use your master bathroom if convenient.

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