What a Good Teacher Wants

Teaching is a vocation and a good teacher is someone to treasure and appreciate. They leave behind an indelible mark and make a positive difference in the lives of those they teach.

Teaching can be a thankless job. Let’s not discount on what they do as they mould the lives of our children.

What teachers want are not criticisms but critiques and suggestions on how best to help the students, our children.

Good teachers do not expect lavish gifts and expensive luncheons. Good teachers appreciate the soundless thanks that comes from an improvement in the students’ work and the delight in seeing the students’ faces when they realized that they have improved. Good teachers know when to reprimand and when to praise, and remind that above all, our self-worth is important and that we must take pride in what we do.

Yes, there are teachers and there are good teachers. And good teachers are sometimes hard to find. 

And yet, sometimes what the good teachers need are good parents who know and understand their children and the constraints and challenges faced in the system. Because, sometimes, having good parents to work in partnership with the teachers to help the children can be even harder to find.


Teaching requires passion..

Teaching requires passion..