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What are Kiasu Auctions?

Kiasu Auctions are online auctions conducted by through the Kiasu Auction Forum.

The collateral used by bidders for Kiasu Auctions are KiasuPoints (KPs).  Cash is NOT accepted for Kiasu Auctions.  KiasuPoints are awarded to users to participation in portal/forum activities.  The objective of Kiasu Auctions is to reward members for their contributions to, and have fun at the same time. does NOT sell KiasuPoints to members.

All members, except for administrators, are allowed to participate in Kiasu Auctions as long as they have at least the minimum KPs required.

Kiasu Auctions are generally held at least 4 times a year, once in each quarter.  Prizes for the Auctions are sponsored by, and other organisations or members.  If you wish to sponsor some products for the Kiasu Auctions, please contact us.

Here is how it works.

Before the Auction starts

A new thread will be started in the Forum announcing the prize, date and time for the Auction.  The post will contain a link to the online Auction page.  Click on the link to access the online Auction.

The page will display information regarding the upcoming Auction, including the number of KiasuPoints you currently possess, and the minimum bid price.  There will be a count-down timer counting down to the start of the Auction.

The latest iteration of the Auction is Lowest Unique Bidder Wins – in other words, the unique bid that is the lowest of all bids will win the Auction.  If you have the lowest unique bid, only you know what you bid, and you are the current winner, but if someone else bid a similar amount, the next lowest unique bidder will be the new current leader.  You can bid up to 10 times, but you must have the right amount of KiasuPoints to make the bids.

During the Auction

Bidding in Kiasu Auctions is really simple!

  1. Make sure you have enough KiasuPoints to cover the Current Price to pay for the prize.
  2. Click on the Bid now! button to place a bid.

That’s all!

If you are the current bid leader, your Username will be displayed, but NOT the amount you bid.

Note that each successful bid you make costs 10KPs which are not refundable.  You must have sufficient KiasuPoints to cover your bid, otherwise your bid will be rejected.  So if you want to bid 50KPs, you must have at least 60 KPs in your account.  Rejected bids are not charged.

Before the online Auction starts, the Home page will display the following info:

When the Auction starts, you will see the following:

Winning the Auction

The Auction will only end on the stated date.  There may be no winners depending on the bidding conditions.  Submit a bid of at least what is stated.  If it is the lowest bid then you should see the message below.

You will only see the winner’s name, but not the bid price.  If you try to submit the same bid again, it will be rejected.

At the end of the Auction, will send a Private Message to the winner confirming the win, and provide further instructions on how to claim the prize.  Note that prize winners may have to release personal information such as NRIC, full names, and home addresses, depending on the nature of the prize and collection processes.

Remember – the purpose of Auctions is to have fun.  You can always earn and accumulate more KiasuPoints by contributing to by sharing your experiences and rating services!


Updated: 2018 December 13




Questions on how to get KP

How do u get KPs??

kiasu points

Not aware of such auction. Sound interesting & fun. Currently don’t have much points to take part. Looking forward to have some fun soon.

Had a go at my first auction

Had a go at my first auction today. Thanks for the fun. 🙂

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