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What are KiasuPoint$?

KiasuPoint$ (KP$) are awarded to members for their contributions to  KP$ are used for bidding in the quarterly Kiasu Auctions, so that members can cash in their points for valuable items such as netbooks and tablets.

KiasuPoint$ are earned as follows:

  • KiasuParent Bonus: A KiasuParent is a special contributor with rights to create their own blog on the Portal.  Here is a list of current KiasuParents.
    • 2 KP$ for each blog post
    • 50 KP$ additional for each blog post published to the front page that is original works of the author
  • AskQ Bonus:  Anyone who posts or answers a question on AskQ will receive points as follows:     
    • 1 KP$ for each Question posted.
    • 1 KP$ for each Answer submitted.
    • 1 KP$ for each Like received by a Question.
    • 2 KP$ for each Like received by an Answer.
    • 10 KP$ for the answer accepted by the user who posed the question.
  • Interaction Bonus:
    • 10 KP$ upon registering a account.
    • 2 KP$ for sharing an article or other Portal content on your social media accounts.
    • 1 KP$ for creating a Forum post.

The maximum any user can receive each day is 10 KP$.

The minimum KiasuPoint$ a person can have is 0 KP$. It will not go negative.

The maximum KiasuPoint$ a person can have is 1,000,000 KP$.

( reserves the right to change the rates at our discretion without any notice.)




HI Kiasu chief,

How to post a ad to sell item to your reader if i do not have enough point? Pls

Thank you in advance!



I agree with that.Should give

I agree with that.Should give some point for new user!

How to post a new thread?

Hi Chief Kiasu,

I wanna post a new thread, but as a new user, I don’t have enough KP point to post.Where can I read the e-newsletter to earn the KP point?

Where to read e-newsletter

I wanna know how to earn the KP point by reading e-newslette.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

How to check and redeem for KP$

I’m confused about this KP$ thing? What is it? And how to redeem it? I don’t see any redeem buttons around….. I trying to post a new thread about teenager problems but I can’t as it said I need 30KP$ to start a thread. Where on earth is that??


How to check my current KP ? 

Need the KP$


I wanted to post an ad but do not have the kp$.

I gave kudos to articles but how do i check if the kp$ is


Why don’t give us some kp$ to start with?

Pls advise.



Hi all, I must admit I was attracted to here by the apple watch cometion …


Posting new thread in buy and sell forum

Hi Chief Kiasu,

We will like to create a new thread in buy and sell forum. Unfortunately as new comers, we do not have sufficient points.

Please advise if possible to provide us with welcome points sufficient to create a new thread.

Thank you and best regards.

Toys Delight 

Not a very easy system to

Not a very easy system to nagivate…

earning points

I agree with the rest. This earning points thingy is confusing. I feel that there muz be an easy way to navigate…. anyone any idea?

want to post a question

Dear Chief


I want to post an important question of review of 2 primary school as i need to register this July. 

Punggol vs North Vista Primary

I want to know current situation. 


But dont know how to earn K$ to post my question?? 


Please help. 


Not very sure still..

how to I redeem my kiasu bonus

Dear chief kiasu
I would like to know how to redeem my welcome bonus. Thanks

The promotion has ended

The offer was only for the month of August and September 2015.  Sorry.

"Claim Your KP$!"


I can’t seem to find “Claim Your KP$!” on all your eNewsletter, please advice where to locate the claim button.



how can get point?

How can i get the point? have to buy it? anyone help me?

How to claim the KP$

Dear Chief Kaisu,


Good day.

How do I go and claim the welcome bonus points? Kindly pls advise, thanks.



how to get points?

how to get points?? Need to buy it?

regarding the points



I see that 5 points will be given for creating a post, but i need to spend 30 point to create a post, so how can i earn points?

i do not have enought points

i do not have enought points .

Dear Kiasu Chief, How do I

Dear Kiasu Chief,

How do I create blog in your website? after I create blog/ threads in newbies and clubs, I can post new thread in relevant forums right?

Can I put my contact details in the thread if I am a registered company? I saw registered company in Kiasu parents forum, they can post contact details. Is this permitted? Is this not permitted as Individual registrant?

Kindly advise.

Thank You.

Best Regards,





Redeeming Welcome Bonus

Hi Chief,


Tried looking for how to redeem the welcome bonus but to no avail – please help!






How to check the KP$?


You should go to Home and scroll down to the bottom.THen you click on My Account.

Cheers 0(n_n)0 

Need to create a new post

The only way to create new post is to get 30 points or above.You can get this points by bookmarking each article or giving kudos to each article.

How to earn Kiasu $

Hi Kiasu chief,


I just realised that I am not able to create new Thread.


Can I know what are the ways I can earn Kiasu $ ?

By inviting known people ?

Do let me know the link to do that and I will try sending out the link to people I know.  Tks.




Dear Kiasuchief

Can you please go back to the old system so is easy for us to post our thread without having points systems?

Please make our life easier. Thank you.

Need to create a new post

Unable to create a new post. please advise how to create a new post as i do not have enought points .

Welcome Bonus

Hi, may I know how do I redeem the welcome bonus if it’s no longer automatically dispensed as I can’t find any redemption button anywhere. Please advise 🙂

creating posting in a threat - got points?


A little confused, 

do i get points in creating a thread ?

do i get points in posting in a thread ?

How to create a thread?


I need help creating thread in the newbies & clubs forum so as to get the one time bonus. Please advise 🙂

Thank you!

:) how to claim my point ?

how to claim my points after registration : )

Certainly lots of ways to

Certainly lots of ways to earn! but why is there only a reward for contributing in the home threads and not the other threads?

Welcome Bonus

Dear ChiefKiasu,

I have just registered my new account. Pls advise on how to claim the bonus points.


Tutor Analytics


How do I get my registration points?

Welcome Bonus


I just finished my registion,can I get my Welcome Bonus?

Hi I finished my


I finished my registion,can I get my Welcome Bonus?


How to check the KP$?


I am even trying to find my KP$. Can anyone help?


Cant post

Cant post anything.. -.-

No points to start new thread

No points to start new thread

Why do new signups need to go about finding points in order to post a thread

How to claim the 100 points???

How to claim the 100 points???

need points!!!

need points!!!need points!!!need points!!!

No points to start new thread

Why do new signups need to go about finding points in order to post a thread

checking points

where can i check the points?

Welcome Bonus


i just signed up however i did  not receive my welcome bonus KP$100.

Can you help to credit into my account?

Thank you

How Are Points Given

Are the points given automatically after we comment or give kudos?

Or do we have to manually claim them?

How do we do that?


How come I do not get my Welcome Bonus Points?

Hi Chief,

I am a new member. I signed up in Nov 2014. Just wondering why am I not given the welcome bonus points? I am also looking for e-newsletter but I couldnt find any of it in the site. Where can I find it?

Please enlighten.

Many thanks.

How to invite friends?


May I know how can I invite my friends to join Also, where to read the e-newsletters?




How to get my welcome bonus?

I don’t have the welcome bonus, how to register for it?

Btw, thanks for the detail explanation.

Now I know what to do to get KP$ to start new thread.

Thanks once again.

Cannot post my item


Previously no problem posting.  Why must make it so complicated?  Quite frustrating.

Make life simple, OK!

KP points

Why is there KP points now. Message states that I do not have enough kiasu$ to create a new topic. It’s so confusing. How to  earn the points and how do I know how many points I have?

Check KP$

Where can I check my KP$? 

Clicked on my profile but it says page not found..

Please help 🙂

Re: Unable to post on Garage Sale Thread

I would like to enquire how I can continue to post on the Garage Sale Thread? Message states that I do not have enough kiasu$ to create a new topic. Have not encountered this issue while posting about 2 weeks ago. Kindly advise. Thanks



I would like to check do I need to have enough points then can create new topic in the garage sales.  Previously, I’m able to but now I can’t. Please advise.

Thank you.

Changes to KPs awarded to Blog entries

We have made some changes to KiasuParent bloggers who contribute articles to

Every blog entry contributed will automatically earn 5 KiasuPoints.  Blog entries that are submitted for our editors to consider to be pushed to the front page will be manually awarded 200 KiasuPoints when they are published to our’s Home page. 

Bookmark KPs

We have noticed that some users have been amassing KPs by simply bookmarking all the articles on  As a result of this, we have reduced the value of the bookmarks awarded to just 1KP.  At the same time, users can only receive up to 50KPs a day regardless of how many bookmarks they make in that day.

Please remember that all KiasuPoints transactions are logged, and we know who are those that have abused our system.  Your accounts will be barred from any Kiasu Auction and any KPs you transfer OUT of your account will be removed from the recipient.

New additions to bonuses

We have added a new bonus for people who bookmark content on  They will receive 5 KPs per bookmark.  The author of the content that is bookmarked will also receive 5KPs. 

Changes to bonuses

We have made the following changes:

1. We have reduced the points awarded for each Kudos to 5 KPs.

2. We have increased the points awarded for invitations made using the Invite module to 300 KPs (if your invitee accepts the invitation and becomes part of

Thanks for this article,

Thanks for this article, Chief and admin. I have a clearer idea now.

Time no enuff..

So many ways to earn, but too little time! Weh!

hi Castle House To start

hi Castle House

To start blogging here, you just need to post a good article (best to be your own) in the forums and it will get picked up by the editors or recommended by other members for posting as a blog. Once you get an article posted as a blog, you will have access to create even more articles by yourself on the Portal. The only caveat is that if you want to push an article on the front page, you will need to seek permission from the editors to do so.


To gain access to Notti Corner, please see this


A clearer picture

Thanks a million! Now we know how to earn KS points.

Thank you Chief

Thank you Chief. Now I kown there are other means of getting KPs.

Thank You for Summarizing the KPs for New Comers

Hi Chief

Thank you. At least for someone ‘sotong’ like me have a better idea how we can earn the KPs + my 1st attempt on the Auction.

May I ask how can one create a blog using the portal?

I have always wanted to have a blog on all my children.. just that I don’t know how and where to start.. *shy*

Also, I can’t access to the notti corner or something.. how does I seek permission? 

Welcome bonus

Sorry, the welcome bonus is only available to new members after 17 May.  This is because the feature could only be installed after we upgraded the Portal in May 2011. 

Thanks for the information :)

Thanks for the information 🙂

but hor how come i dont have welcome bonus ah?

but I dont have the welcome

but I dont have the welcome points leh…y?



OOpsss.. Just checked..Got my KPs.. Thanks CKS.

Rest assured that I will spend it wisely..


Wah…So many ways to earn the KPs. Thanks CKS.

I recall that it was quite hard to earn KPs previously..only a handful of GMs.. one or two Paris Hilton.. Hours of staring at the screen making positive value add postings & contributions…

Then came the auctions….games….chit chat corner and etc…making it so much easier to boost your post to improve your status and get more KPs..

How KSP has greatly evolved over time and KUDOS to you and your entire team…. 

However, based on the recent auction… I just cant help feeling that the value of KPs has greatly depreciated nowadays…JMHO.

P/S: I’ve yet to receive my share of the FVB & Winning bid.


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