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What are KSP Ratings?

KSP Ratings are special ratings set up by to perform a bridging role as a 3rd party to protect our customers while allowing bona fide service providers prove that they are indeed who they claim to be.

The Internet is fraught with potential fraudsters who hide behind the anonymity of the faceless network to attempt to fleece unwitting users.

To counter this, requires individual service providers to register their profiles with our Portal before they are allowed to advertise their services with our parenting community.

In addition, also allows genuine service providers to prove themselves by allowing themselves to be audited by representatives from  This can happen at 2 levels:

Standard Audit

  • Service provider will furnish the following information to
    • NRIC or other identification documents
    • Academic certificates
    • Latest telephone bill showing ownership of published telephone numbers
  • Once has verified that the information matches that of the service provider’s Profile on, the service provider will earn a KSP Rating of “A“.
  • Charges are $100 for the 1st audit, and $50 for subsequent annual re-audits.

Premium Audit

  • Service provider will commit to the same requirements as a Standard Audit.
  • In addition, the service provider will be interviewed by representatives to determine their level of competency in what they teach.
  • The service provider will also allow representatives to sit in one of their lessons with their students to observe the proceedings.
  • If determine that the service provider is providing satisfactory levels of service, the service provider will be given a KSP Rating of “AA“.
  • If the service provider is able to maintain the “AA” rating for 2 years, the service provider will attain the “AAA” rating, which is the highest rating to be given by
  • Charges are $500 for the 1st audit, and $250 for subsequent re-audits.

KSP Ratings are as follows:

  • NR.  Not rated.  The service provider has not been verified by Parents should take the usual precautions of dealing with strangers on the Internet.
  • A.  Authenticated.  The service provider has submitted proof of identity and education certificates to to verify.  Standard Listing service providers will be given a rating of at least an “A”, since verification is part of the process.
  • AA.  Satisfactory.  The service provider has opened itself to to test and audit and is found to be compliant to the standards necessary for services to be rendered effectively.
  • AAA.  Endorsed.  This is the highest Rating awarded to service providers.  The service provider has been well used and audited by and is found to be fully effective and worthy of recommendation for parents.
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