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What are Kudos?


KiasuParents are volunteer contributors to who willingly share their thoughts to benefit the community.  There is nothing more rewarding to these writers than readers showing their appreciation for their contributions.

Readers can do so in a couple of ways.  A reader can post comments on the articles to share his/her own views regarding the article.  An even easier way is to click on the Kudos button on article to indicate that you "liked" the post.

Giving Kudos benefit the author in many ways.  Firstly, the number of Kudos given to an article tells the author that many people liked his/her article.  Also, each Kudos received will earn the author some KiasuPoints which can be used to win attractive prizes in our Kiasu Auctions.

At the same time, members also earn KiasuPoints for taking the initiative to give Kudos to contributors.  At the same time, others can give Kudos to comments made by members to articles, if they liked the comments.

Note that each member can only give 1 Kudos to a specific article or comment.  Also, authors of articles and comments cannot give Kudos to their own work.  In these cases, the Kudos button will be automatically disabled.


Freelance services

You are allowed to advertise in the Buy & Sell subForums even if you do not represent a company.   But buyers need to be aware that they are dealing with an individual, and not a company.

Directory Listing


I read above that I can’t advertise in the forum if I don’t have a company. As i am currently working in the university and I am not allowed to form a company, and wish to provide some training service freelance to clients, does it mean I can’t use my kiasu point to advertise my services?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Claude Monet

How to communicate to chief kiasu


i am a pretty new member and i would like to know  how I can send email to chief kiasu to get the points.

Also, for me to posta thread in the enrichment classes section (DSA), how many points do i need.

My 3rd question is : how do you become a blogger and earn points?


Claude Monet


Thanks for the tip ChiefKiasu!!!

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