What is CIP?

Here’s sharing what I understand about CIP…

CIP is actually part of a CCA grading system called LEAPS. It awards points in 5 categories, namely Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation and Service.

CIP comes under Service, where each student is required to perform minimum 6 hours of community service per year.

Over a period of 4 years, points are awarded as follows:
100 or more hours – 5 points
80-99 hours – 4 points
60-79 hours – 3 points
40-59 hours – 2 points
24-39 hours – 1 point

These points will go towards the CCA grade (25 and above to get an A1 grade and therefore -2 points for JC admission).

Generally schools will try to help the students fulfil as many CIP hours as possible. Or for example, some church going students go on mission trips to help teach the less fortunate, or build a new school for them etc – all this can be taken into account.

Here’s what I understand about LEAPS.

1. Leadership
The rank determines the number of points awarded in this category. If the child holds any leadership position in school, such as prefect or class chairman, he will also get extra points for this.
Maximum of 12 points in this category.

2. Enrichment programmes
I’m not so sure about this, but I think the schools will make provision for the kids to fulfil this area.
Maximum of 4 points

3. Achievement
Representation of the school in interschool competitions, attainment of sports leaders awards, president guides, and achieving good results (top 4 for sports or gold award for performing arts) make up this category.
Maximum of 15 points

4. Participation
Mainly on attendance, min 75%. Extra points if the child takes part in SYF or NDP.
Maximum 10 points

5. Service

If a child changes CCA halfway through, I understand he will lose his points for that CCA and has to start afresh. Thats why schools do not encourage students to change, and it is very important that a Sec 1 child manages to get a CCA which he enjoys.

How I got A1 for CCA (firstly u must strategise)

Listen, there are 5 categories under the LEAPS system.

Leadership – max 12 pts

a LOT of points can be earned here  (only if u r well-liked among ur peers)

I received 0 ,none, but got A1 anyway.

Total for leadership: 0

Enrichment – Max 4 pts

depends on your school. 3-4 max

I got 4, i should thank the school but I wont. :)

Total for enrichment: 4

Achievement – Max 15 pts

NYAA, Awards like SYF

Got 3 points respectively under 3 sub-categories of Achievement.

They are Representation, Attainment and Accomplishment.

Representation- from representing school for SYF [3] & In a local competition [2]

Accomplishment- from getting silver medal at SYF [3]

Attainment- from NYAA silver [3] @ age 16. (min age is 15)

Total for achievement: 11

Participation – Max 10 pts

typically for being a member

/performing at CCA promo day/performing at sec 4 farewell

I got 3 points for being a member. I got another 2 points from CCA promo & sec 4 farewell performances.

Total for participation: 5

Service – Max 5 pts

min 24 hours need 100 hours to get maximum of 5 points. Anymore than 100 hours is ignored and not awarded points. I did 100 hours to meet requirement for 5 points. I did CIP externally from SSC

Don’t rely on your school unless it is wonderland. Really, u will be stabbing yourself in the foot.

I cramped 60 plus hours in 2010 last minute. Thank god being resourceful as i am.

Total for service: 5

Grand total: 25, A1

Express stream for 2 bonus points:

A1 – 25 and above

A2- 20 and above

Express stream for 1 bonus point:

minimum of 7-8 points for at least a C6.

D7 and below gives you nothing.

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Hi, Your topics reminded me


Your topics reminded me of one of the CIP which I did during my secondary 1 school holidays. It was a visit to an old folks home. I always remembered the happy hours I had with the old grandmas and grandpas there. I enjoyed their sharing and learn quite a lot from them. I even visited them again during the next vocation. I missed them.

Does this apply to all

Does this apply to all school? it is my 1st time heard it.

change of cca

My girl changed changed her cca but didn’t lose any of her points accumulated before the change.

Enrichment activities are arranged by the school – modules such as stress mgt, internet safety, gaming addiction etc.

Achievement – Getting a National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) is equal to 3 points. So for those who are keen, pls note silver award is for students below 15 years old only. 




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