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What Is That?

Having just read a forum thread about how we manage our time, I wonder how many of us actually spend enough time with our parents / elders.

In our daily madness rushing about, we have to split our time between our children, our spouse and our parents. I would dare say that we would spend the least time with our parents.

Recently, I came across a short video on youtube which is about a father and son’s conversation.  This is a touching video which reminds us to spend time with our parents and to love them while they are still around.


Thanks for sharing. Really

Thanks for sharing. Really remind us to be patient to the elderly. I think sometimes in this busy world, we really act like the "son". Good to step back a little and slow down for our parents.

A good teaching value and

A good teaching value and touching video clips for us and our children. Thx for sharing, acforfamily!
After watching it, I decided to watch again with my kids. And took opportunity to teach them a family value. Nice clips!

Oh gosh..

Thanks for sharing this video. I watched it with my girls and they started

asking the what is that too and why is the guy like that to the old man…

Later on in the midst of it, i was just telling them that they used to be

like that as a young child…… always asking everything that comes to

mind that either began with "What?" or "Why" …. and sometimes after

explaining, i’d also get "How come?"….. They fell into deep silence

at the end of the clip and realized i teared up. Then they both said,

"Don’t like that lah, mummy….. you’re making us cry you know?"

"Why did you cry…?" I replied, "Well…. i hope you girls won’t be like

that when i’m old…" And we all shared a hug.

PS : Note how a normal diary entry can mean so much…


Very touching video. 

Very touching video.  Thanks for sharing!

What is that?

Indeed a very touching video. Everyone shld watch it! Given now that we are so busy with our own work/family we should have more quality times with our parents!

Works fine for me from home

Works fine for me from home

Can you watch youtube video?

amylqf, can you check if you can watch youtube videos at:

Your Internet access to Youtube may have been blocked by the administrator if you are trying to watch this in your office.

can't view leh

can’t view leh

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