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What My Son has been Reading

It has been a long while since I step in here…3? 4years? Anyway, my efforts to raised DS1 as a reader has failed miserably and he is already entering a teenage phase…opinionated, reading online articles, YouTube, school workload etc.

My little DS2 however, largely due to boredom (DS1 has lesser time for DS2 now…) and the stash of books lying around, has picked up reading.

And boy! the amount of books he read in a year is more than what DS1 read in 6 years. He has exceeded his 100 book target. 🙂

As the loan date of half of the following stash expires today, I took a photo to commemorate this milestone ~ 23 books in 42 days (NLB allows for three weeks book loan and I usually extends for another three weeks making it six weeks aka 42 days). That is one book every two days. A big achievement for me!

I must highlight that I have not Pre read any of these books, but DS2 said all recommended books….he is not fussy with the books so long they have

  • boy main character
  • adventures
  • humour

So take a look at these titles the next time you are at the library. But once hooked, beware of myopia…. and requests to read past bed time etc…. Exams are ending soon…so let the reading begin!


Nice article

Nice article

Ha ha. I should really try to

Ha ha. I should really try to include more Chinese reading. The problem we facing is he doesn’t have enough Chinese vocab to enjoy books with better storyline and the beginner books are not interesting, even in my opinion. ..or maybe just my excuses ! Lol.

Yes. I should work on that. 🙂

Your boy is advanced for his

Your boy is advanced for his age, to be reading those. Btw how come no Chinese books? keke.  




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