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What To Do After PSLE? According to RMSS, You’ve Studied Hard, So It’s Time To Play Hard

What can a bunch of 12-year-olds do just after the PSLE exams?

Burn or throw their stack of past year practice papers?

Jet out of town with their families to vacation at a faraway land?

Organise a sleepover at a best friend’s house?

RMSS amazing race event

For some 220 kids who attend Raymond Math and Science Studio, the best way is to celebrate was to gather for an Amazing Race that took them all over Sentosa.

Once the Amazing Race was kicked off, the kids huddled in their groups of tens to solve some brainteasers.

Only when they got all the right answers could they receive the first clue and proceed to the first station, where they had to work together to complete a challenge.

The challenges were designed like team bonding games, so you have to communicate well, give clear instructions, and get in sync, in order to progress to the next stage of the race.

After completing the challenge, they then earned the clue to the second station. There were five stations in total.

Sounds easy?

                 rmss  rmss

With challenges such as skipping a long rope as a group of 10, a wefie challenge, tying balloons in such a way that they would not burst under a person’s weight, and all this while racing from station to another under the hot sun…I’m sure at some points, finishing the race felt like mission impossible to these kids.

But somehow the kids managed to work together, put their brains together, and get their act together.

Raymond Loh, founder and principal of RMSS, explained why he put his kids to the test at the RMSS Amazing Race, “Taking the PSLE is like one giant race for our Primary Six students. It requires so much endurance, motivation, and grit. We designed the Amazing Race as a way to celebrate their tenacity and honour their hard work. Even throughout the PSLE exams, we kept reminding them to press on, and counted down the days to this race. It helped to remind them that we’re in this together, and gave them something to look forward to.

“Regardless of how well they do, I want them to know that they are already winners.” 

[Student testimonial 1]: I really enjoyed the Amazing Race. It was a great feeling to be able to rise to the various challenges and work together with one another. I’d definitely do it again. I’m also very grateful to the RMSS teachers as they’ve invested so much time and effort into teaching us and helping us grow in confidence to tackle our Math and Science subjects.

[Student testimonial 2]: RMSS tutors helped me to understand Math better and actually enjoy what I’m learning. It is almost like a second family to me, and I think the team spirit that I caught at RMSS helped me to not just survive PSLE, but to thrive.

[Tutor testimonial]: I know that my Primary 6 students have put in an enormous amount of effort to prepare well for their papers, and to do their best. I often tell them, ‘Don’t give up and you will never fail.’ This is an attitude that I hope they will carry with them through life, not just through secondary school or JC days.

The Amazing Race is just one example of a team bonding event that Raymond Math & Science Studio regularly organises for its students. If you are interested to find out more about RMSS, visit their website

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