What to do when you catch COVID?


Tested Positive about 10 days ago

My experience
I started with symptom- sore throat. Since ‘my maid had it and was sent to isolation facility, I was prepared to get it. Cos the day before she tested positive, we spent a lot of time doing stuff together. Still my symptom started only 5th day after last contact and but I still tested negative for almost 2 days from start of symptom. I started fully isolating from the start of my symptom.

If I ever doubted the efficacy of the vaccines, I don’t now. I get frequent cold/flu in the pre covid times . This was the mildest I have had. Only one day of feeling feverish, heavy head, tiredness. I was kinda ok the next day except for the throat. That was real bad.

Tested negative on Day 8, Still have mostly dry cough.
The toughest part for me was the isolating and hoping I have done enough steps to prevent them from

If you want it to be officially recognised, please go to the QTC or if you need to see a doc then a PHCP. Clinics are prepared for you, don’t worry. I hesitated , worrying myself about exposing the clinic staff/doc/ other patients when I clearly knew I was Covid +ve. They are totally prepared , just let them know you are Covid positive. Doctor Anywhere didn’t give me any appointment within 5 days, so that was a wasted move.

If you want to go to the QTC, use the link below to book an appointment. Then it is free. ( even if you don’t stick to the appointment date or time). This is a QR code only available at the QTC ( couldn’t find it online)
https://swab.hpb.gov.sg/appointment/log … CAE7%22%7d

I received a C+ve sms within an hour after test from HPB telling the next steps ( protocol). Then an sms from MOH a few hours later , to register my details and that of household members so that they can receive the HRN. I did for my maid and we received sms within 3 hours. However for me, I registered , waited 24 hours, called Home Recovery hotline and was instructed to register again (thru this site go.gov.sg/hrw-reg ) for each person a separate form. Did and received the hrn within a couple of hours. ( now then they can collect the ART kits)

The Home Recovery Buddy/ MOH hot line are pretty responsive . Reach out if needed.
The telemedicine link they provide didnt help – I couldnt submit the form, the hotline didnt help much, I just gave up.

From Day 8 ( Day1 being the day one tested +ve officially) , you can request for the recovery memo. So one can be exempt from testing for 7-90 days (for travelling/pre-event testing etc)
I have yet to receive me. Will update later when I do.