What we did with our daughter’s lazy eye

lazyeyeThis is what we did with our daughter’s lazy eye… Hope it gives other parents a better idea of what to expect if they think their child have lazy eyes.

Getting a referral
It is best to go to a specialist to have your child’s eyes checked.

You could go to the polyclinic to get a referral to KKH Children’s Eye Clinic or NUH. In my case, we brought DD2 to KKH. However, as the waiting time was too long – over 6 months – DH and myself decided to skip the polyclinic route and brought DD2 as a walk-in patient to KKH instead. Although the fees were much more expensive, since there were no subsidies, we decided to go ahead with it as we felt our daughter’s eyes were more important, and we did not want to delay treatment.

In any case, we were very happy with the services at KKH Children’s Eye Clinic. The specialist that we saw was Dr Sonal.

After the specialist saw DD2, she recommended that she had to go for eye patching. Her good eye is the left eye and the right eye is the lazy eye.

What is eye patching?
To correct the lazy eye, we had to patch the good eye (left eye). In other words, cover the good eye with an eye patch (which we bought at the pharmacy). DD2 had to wear the eye patch for 3 hours every day. This is on your own time, meaning you can patch her eye at home. No need to go to the doctor’s office or hospital for patching. DD2 wore it when she went to school and even to church.

Some of the kiddie eye patches come with stickers on them, so it entices the kids to wear them. We were fortunate that DD2 was very compliant and was agreeable to wear the eye patch without much fuss. In any case, she felt that she looked like Cyborg (one of the Teen Titans characters) and thought that she looked "cool" and "cute". So that really helps!!

How long must the kid wear the eye patch?
This really depends on the doctor’s recommendation and advise. DD2 wore her eye patch 3 hours daily for about 2-3 years. I know, it’s a long time. But at the end of the day, it’s for her own good. The specialist that we saw is very strict about the kids wearing the eye patches. I have seen her reprimanding parents if they are not diligent in following her advise. Her view is that if we as parents don’t help the child, then how can the child get better.

So, on our part, DH and myself will diligently patch her eye on a daily basis. We even did that when we went overseas on holidays. As mentioned, DD2 is a very obedient girl, so that really helps a lot.

Any medication or eye exercises?
My DD2 did not need to take any medication and there were no eye exercises needed. But the doctor advised us to regulate her TV viewing time and computer games- don’t watch/play too much and don’t sit too near.

Any special diet or supplements?
In terms of diet or supplement, I did not give her anything special. The only thing I remember giving her the most was the wolfberry. I included that in her soup and porridge.

Doctor’s appointment
In the early stages – when we first saw the KKH specialist – I think we went to see the doctor every two months. Then, it became every 6 months. This went on for about 2-3 years. When DD2 was about 7 yo, then it became an annual check-up thereafter. I guess, how often the child sees the doctor is really on a case-by-case basis.

Whilst it was "troublesome" in the early stages – as my DH and myself took turns to take leave to bring her – we felt it was worth the trouble. Most importantly, DD2’s lazy eye was corrected.

I know the doctor that you went to mentioned that some kids’ lazy eye self-corrects. Personally, I’d go with the mother’s instinct. If you feel uneasy, then bring him to an eye specialist. If there is no cause for concern, then that’s really good news. But if something needs to be done, at least one can quickly go for early intervention.

Hope the above helps. Not to worry, lazy eye is nothing serious. But do get the proper diagnosis.






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lazy eye?

my daughter had lazy eye or maybe it was something else, we surgically corrected it

My Right Eye - Lazy

Just want to relate my experience living with a lazy eye for the last 43 years 🙂

Unfortunately, diagnosis in the 1970s/80s was not good compared with now and it was only at 8 (I think) that I knew I had a lazy eye on the right eye. I wasn’t squinting or anything like that so I guess my parents did not send me to a eye specialist for it.

Since then, I’ve been wearing glasses and contact lense for my left eye (short-sighted).

There was an upside to having a lazy eye though. For NS, I was downgraded immediately to Pes E. Never did BMT, posted to the Air Force as a clerk from Day 1 and could go home everyday. Was basically an admin clerk for 2.5 years. No reservist as well.

But the downside is, I need to take care of my left eye. I mean, if the left eye goes, that’s it. I think I will be declared legally blind! 🙂

But life goes on and I can do all the normal things. Damn good at tennis and making a living being a coach.

Would have been nice if it was detected when I was a toddler though!


Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Lazy eyes

Tks Schweppes for sharing the info wif us. Yea can u advice on the walk-in rate so I can assess the damage to my pocket vs the long waiting 🙂 wonder if I can claim from her insurance hee hee

Hi Lifestylelink, go with

Hi Lifestylelink, go with the parent’s instinct and have your son’s eyes checked. If DH is right, you wd have found out early and can seek early intervention help. If the specialist says that nothing is wrong and everything is all right, then rejoice at the good news. In both cases, there is nothing to lose but more to gain once your mind is at peace.

yes how do you tell?

My hubby keep complaining that my 2 year old boy have squint but my PD said not likely.  She said it is uneven skin fold, very common for young children.

When my boy watched TV, my hubby said his right eye ball is viewing from the side, not straight.  I don’t know, should I bring him for further check up?

How do you parents detect signs and symptoms of lazy eyes?


Lazy eye, cross eyes, squint

I am not medically trained…but i try to help.

Cross eyes/Squint eyes-> <disctionary>Strabismus in which one or both eyes turn inward toward the nose

Lazy eye-> Often only one eye that is ‘not good’; when left untreated it will develop cross eyes/squint eyes. A person with lazy eye is noticeable because one of the eye balls are out of sync with the other. If left untreated it could become blind at its worse case scenario.

If you look at the picture of (Jack’s xxx) Wendy Chong’s one and only newspaper photo; you would notice that she too has lazy eye. The two eye balls do not synchronised. Usually third party would be able to notice it more easily than the people who are close.



Not sure if lazy eye and cross eye is the same

Hi tree nymph, not sure if lazy eye and cross eye is the same thing. There is also another condition known as the "squint" too. Guess the eye doctors are the experts and will diagnose the child accordingly and recommend the right preventive measures. 


It is good to have your kids’s eye-sight checked by specialist. For DS1 we suspected eye infection so brought him to see eye specialist. Turned out there was no infection but he was found to have high astigmatism, and he was asked to wear glasses to prevent lazy eye. At that time, he did not have short-sightedness (and he still does not) but he has to wear glasses.Still we are glad that this was discovered early for prevention to be taken.

Hi! What is the difference


What is the difference between lazy eye and cross eye?

It's quite noticeable

Hi Amylqf, it’s quite noticeable. When DD2 was about 3yo, we could see that her lazy eye (right eye) drifts to the side even tho she is looking ahead. For example, her good eye will be focusing on me but her lazy eye drifts – like looking at the side.

So, with the eye patching (over the good eye), it forces the lazy eye (or weaker eye) to focus on the object that they are looking at. It’s like training the eye to realign itself. 

how do you happened to know

how do you happened to know that your child have lazy eye?

Thanks Bear.w.me. Ya,have

Thanks Bear.w.me. Ya,have to bring DD2 for regular reviews too. Thank goodness it has stabilised. However, she is still not discharged but only needs to go back for annual review. In fact, check-up appt coming up in April. Glad to hear that your DD3 eye has stablised. 

Thanks BusyB for the

Thanks BusyB for the sharing. Yes, parents need to consciously and diligently patch their kids’ eyes as per the doctor’s instructions.

Same problem I had with DD3

Hi Schweppe, what you share is exactly what I went through with my DD3. It is a good experience and courageous thing to pen it down.

My DD3 had been patching and making repeated review visits to KKCWH’s eye centre since she was 3 years old. Now she had been discharged. Her eye sight is more stable and nothing much else I can do now that she is 9 years’ old.


Share about Lazy Eye

Thank you for the article and advice.

I would like to share with parents to take note of possibility of the child getting lazy eye when the power of his / her 2 eyes are drastically different. The weaker eye will have a tendency to develop into lazy eye over time, if corrective action (such as patching) is not conscientiously done over a period of time.

Thank you for the advice.

DD1 is 7yo now. She did an eye checkup in her K2 which read something like 6/7.5. So we suspected she is having short-sighted. Her primary school is organising a health checkup program which will include eye checkup as well. Will see how’s the results.

Thank you for the advice.

Most welcome, Winth 

Most welcome, Winth 

Hi Blur Bee,  It wd be

Hi Blur Bee, 
It wd be good to bring your daughter for an eye check-up. If she is frowning when watching TV or reading, it may be due to myopia or short-sightedness and it may not be a lazy eye issue. DD2 had the same problem too – used to frown when reading or watching TV.

Not sure how old your child is. But depending on the age of the child, it may be worth considering going to an eye specialist/ doctor instead of the optometrist if the child is very young (maybe pre-schoolers or those below 7yo?)

As DD2 was only 3yo when we discovered that she has eye-sight problems, we decided to bring her to KKH. This was because she was so young.

But for DD1, as she only complained that she could not see clearly at 11yo, we brought her to the optometrist as she was much older.

Hope that helps 

Thanks schweppes!

Thanks for sharing, it does help alot in our understanding of the treatment.

I’ll tell my husband this and we’ll try to get him to see a doctor soon.

Thank you

Thank you schweppes.

DH & I also worried that DD1 also has some eye-sight problem. She tends to fown when watching TV or reading a book. Thank you for the recommendation.

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