What Will Be Your Next Family Car?

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Singapore’s public transport network may get you from point A to point B, but when it comes to travelling around with your family, a car is still the preferred and more convenient mode of transport.

Having your own personal ride makes transporting baby’s pram a whole lot easier; you save time when ferrying the kids to and from tuition classes; wherever you wish to go on weekends – whether to East Coast Park or MacRitchie Reservoir – you can just drive there instead of worrying if it’ll be accessible by bus or MRT.

A Safe Drive, A Comfortable Ride

Judging by the myriads of opinions in the KiasuParents forum here, a family’s lifestyle and needs are important factors that determine the type of car one would get.

Concerned about safety, a mother Huiwen86, shared that her husband used to drive a high-performance car with manual transmission sports engine – one that was featured in the movies – but later switched to a smaller hatchback after she reminded him “that he needs to think of his family and (driving) that (high-performance) car can be quite dangerous if he does not handle it properly.”

Other parents shuttle between different types of cars based on their children’s ages. Said one mother Funz, “I changed from a sedan to MPV when I first had kids to accommodate boosters and our maid. Then we reverted to a sedan when the kids no longer needed boosters but we’re now back to a MPV (which can) squeeze in our bigger kids and grandparents on family outings.”

On the other hand, another parent mum_sugoku said her family no longer required a 7-seater and thus switched back to a sedan now that her teenage kids don’t always follow them on weekend outings.


Looking for second-hand car? Buy and sell direct

In light of the high COE prices, Additional Registration Fee (ARF) and impending Vehicle Emission Scheme (VES) which is likely to push car prices even further up, buying a brand-new car can put quite a strain on one’s family expenses. That is why the used car market is gaining traction as a “cheaper” alternative.

But rather than selling or buying from a second-hand car dealer, doing it yourself may earn you better returns and savings, as one parent, Atrecord, shared on the KiasuParents forum: “My experience is that it’s better to sell the car on your own, rather than trade in with the dealer/agent. It may be more of a hassle, but you can almost certainly fetch a significantly better deal that way, selling to a direct buyer.”


DBS Car Marketplace: A one-stop solution for car owners

Launched in August 2017, DBS Car Marketplace is the largest direct seller-to-buyer used car listings site and the first online consumer marketplace helmed by a bank in Singapore.  

Interested buyers can browse from thousands of car listings from the portal’s partners, sgCarMart and Carro. Estimate your car budget to see how much you can afford for your next car and the monthly instalments required with the Car Budget Calculator, then choose from specific car listings that match your budget.


Sellers will be able to list their cars simultaneously on sgCarMart and Carro through DBS Car Marketplace and be assured of a fully-guided car transaction. Cars listed on this platform can enjoy quick sales too – sgCarMart boasts 10 cars sold every hour while Carro guarantees to buy the car from the seller if it’s not sold within 30 days.

Book a test drive with the seller directly and once a transaction is agreed on, both buyer and seller can enjoy free paperwork for the transfer.

Enjoy an attractive interest rate of 1.99% p.a. (EIR 3.77% p.a.) on car loan when you buy a car through DBS Car Marketplace. Promotion ends 17 November 2017.

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Mon 30/10/2017