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What’s wrong with me?

ear syring“Huh? What?  What did you say?”

My preschooler keep saying that and I thought he don’t understand me.  Then I also get feedback from the teacher that he can’t hear the phonic sounds and I thought he just didn’t understand or perhaps just too tired and sleepy after first having swimming lesson.  It was late afternoon and the sun is hot.

It was until one sunday morning, while waiting for daddy to buy breakfast, I noticed something dark and smelly dangling over his left ear.  With a closer look, it was the dried ear wax that overflowed from the ear, in fact his left ear was completely blocked. I was horrified because my mother and I had problem with hearing and my little nephew too.

I recalled, he can’t mumble a word when he was 4 years old, all he did was baby blah. No one knows whats wrong until he went for thorough checkup and the PD discovered it was a tiny ear wax that blocked the inner ear.  Until now, he needs to return for regular ear syringing and ear vaccuming. He will always complaint about pain and cry profusely.

I had problem with one of my ear for more than a decade.  ENT specialist can’t help much, the nurse did a hearing test and adviced that ear drum is fine, hearing lost could be due to improper treatment after an ear infection. I was devastated as it has started to affect my work, i can’t go for meeting, I’m speaking too loudly, people think I am rude and aggressive.

I read an advertorial recently in the paper, about this hearing aid that is completely inserted into the ear, and the customer was happy after the brain training.  Sounds weird, how did hearing aid had something to do with brain training? So I went for consultation and came back with a tiny hearing aid that is completely concealed in the ear. I was happy because, at least at work, people stopped complaining about me. So I thought, I spent about $2k, started the instalment, and got my hearing improved but wait till you read the next paragraph.

Last week, a relative introduced to me ear candling. She bought a few packs of ear candle while she went holiday in Malacca and offered to show us how to do it.  Because I was keen to let my preschooler try it, but everyone is kind of scared about putting fire over the ear, I volunteered my ears.  Prior to this, I only heard about ear candling in spa and health salon.

I lie down on the side of the bed, and she went on to light a ear candle over my ear.  It doesn’t hurt at all. There is a marking on the candle to indicate when to put out the fire. She did that in a small bucket of water.  Thereafter, she opened up the candle paper to show me the ear wax that was extracted from the ear.  And because of my bravery, my DS decided to do it too. And the rest of the family followed.

Next day, I went to work as usual and was talking to my colleagues on the phone.  When I hang up the receiver, I realised that left my hearing aid at home, and I was using my “bad” ear for the first time with no problem.  May I remind you that I had not used my “bad” left ear for telephone for more than 10 years.

This is what happend, when she did the ear candling on my ear, it cleared a wax that was directly inserted (shaped like a ‘S’ in the ear hole that blocked my hearing. In fact, there were lots of smoke over my “bad” ear during the treatment, but not on the other ear.

So Daddy and Mummy out there, listen up. Friends and acquaintance as well, this is my real life experience.  Share it with all the young people that you know have difficulty in hearing, try ear candle first, it is painless and only cost a few dollars.  I had spent lots of $$$ on  my DS and myself (ear syringing, ear vaccuming, hearing aid, consultation fees with ENT).

I am now ‘hearing aid’ free but not ‘debt free’.  I have another 10 months instalment to settle and an almost new gadget for takeover. Anyone interested PM me. Oh, if you need to know where to get the ear candles (wholesale price), you can PM me too.


how to do it?

It takes 2 people to ear candle safely; one to receive the ear candling and one to give it.  If given no choice, you can attempt it with a mirror alone (not recommended).

The person receiving should be lying down on their side leaving the ear exposed.

Gather your materials and put on a tray close to where you are going to candle. Check the room for fans, open windows, or other sources of circulation that may affect the candle burning.  You need ventilation, but a ceiling fan (for example) will cause too much air to circulate and the candle smoke won’t come down to the tip end.

Be sure to look at the angle of the ear canal before you start so you can place the candle in the same direction. The candle is properly placed in the ear when there is NO smoke coming out from around the ear.   If it does, CAREFULLY and slowly twist the candle and reposition it until there is no more smoke.

It is normal for the receiver to hear a crackling noise during the session as the moisture in the area is being dried up.  Note: If at any time the heat from the candle is uncomfortable STOP IMMEDIATELY!  A good candling session should be warm, comfortable and pain free.  

When the candle has burned 3/4 (or just follow the marking on the candle), gently pull the candle away from the receiver, remove the candle and extinguish the flame in a bowl of water. Do NOT attempt to blow the flame out! Discard the candle.  Do not reuse the burnt candle.  

If you are curious, you may open up the wrapper to see how much waste is there.

After you try, do give your feedback so others will know if it is useful.

thesgmother, if you are worried about doing it yourself, try it first at a beauty salon or health spa, at a premium price of course, the steps might differs a little from mine, I kept my to the simplest.

where to get the ear candle

You can get it here.

But I think the seller just up the prices.

I suggest not to try on your child unless they can stay still.  Best is to do what I do, demonstrate to them first. And standby a small bucket of water, to put out the fire, don’t blow.

Ear Candles

Hi, Im keen too. May I know where I can get this ear candles?

Where can I get ear candles?

My DD has always had problems with her ears as well.  Seen the ENT and said that her ear canal is narrow.  I would like to try out the ear candling.  Can you please let me know where I can get the ear candles?  Just planning on getting some to try out first.  Thanks!

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