Who are ClassMonitors?

KiasuParents.com is moderated by a small group of volunteers called ClassMonitors.

ClassMonitors have enhanced permissions and some access to the administrative functions of the Portal, and have the power to move, merge and split posts in order to keep KiasuParents.com clean and organised so that the community is able to find information quickly and efficiently.

ClassMonitors also have the power to ban or block users from the KiasuParents.com Portal and Forums.  However, they cannot access the private messages of users.  Nor can ClassMonitors edit or delete members’ posts.  Embargoed posts will be reviewed at the Councillor’s Lounge by senior members of KiasuParents.com for 1 month before being archived.  It is possible for embargoed posts to be released after review if the Councillors decide it should be so.

KiasuParents.com selects its ClassMonitors very carefully based on their EQ and personal belief in what we are trying to achieve.  Some of our ClassMonitors have been with us from the start of KiasuParents.com!  As volunteers, ClassMonitors are not obligated to discharge their moderation duties regularly, but they are required to fulfill a certain quota of moderation activities.  Appointed ClassMonitors who do not perform any moderation duties for more than 1 month will be discharged from their ClassMonitor obligations.

While policing is one function of ClassMonitors, the main role of a ClassMonitor is that of a guide – someone who will help members of the community and facilitate discussions that goes on in KiasuParents.com.

Here is an updated list of ClassMonitors in KiasuParents.com:

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