Why Art Classes at MuzArt Teach More Than Just Drawing

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Have you ever hesitated in signing up your kids for art classes, choosing other forms of enrichment, which you think they’ll be better at instead? Getting your child involved in art can actually benefit them in more ways than you think!

Researchers have considered art as one of a child’s “first languages” (McArdle & Wright, 2014) and crucial to a child’s early development. And at MuzArt Singapore, art learning is redefined as a way to develop a child’s confidence and creativity from young.

More than just learning how to paint a beautiful picture or to produce display-worthy craftwork, children learn to be more creative and enhance their imaginative productivity through MuzArt’s education programme.

Encourage creativity

As they say, a picture tells a thousand words. And a child’s single art piece can reveal a personal story, be it about a memorable event, a beloved person or a dream. At MuzArt, students are encouraged to tap into their imagination in a fun and relaxing environment. 

When kids engage in process-focused art, which do not have step-by-step instructions or right-or-wrong answers, they get to discover and experiment. Give two kids the same colouring sheet, a free reign with their crayons or colouring pencils and you can expect to get two very different art pieces, with different colours and colouring strokes.

As part of MuzArt’s Junior Art course, preschool children learn colour matching, anthropomorphic painting and other skills that inspire their imagination and encourage them to express their thoughts. And in the Intermediate Art course, learning about colour mixing methods through water colour painting or finger painting can further promote freedom of expression.  

“Whenever I think about MuzArt, I think about the teachers; how they interact with the students and how they care for us.  To me, art in its most basic definition, is self-expression. By learning art in MuzArt in the last few years, I learnt how to open up to people more and still growing.” – Nathen, MuzArt Star Student 2022.


Cultivate behavioural skills

From exercising patience when letting one layer of paint to dry before applying the next coat to focusing on colouring only within the given shapes or lines, you will find that art lessons give young learners a head-start in honing their behavioural skills.

The activities in MuzArt’s Junior Art course train kids aged 2-6 in concentration and observation. Students aged 7-9 get to improve observation skills by picking up curve drawing techniques, origami, Zentangle techniques and more in the Foundation Art course.

“We use the Observational Grid method to guide the students break down a reference image into smaller images. Where students will be able to observe the image in more detail, thus, drawing better and more efficiently” – MuzArt Teacher


Develop language skills

Through art, young children can learn the names of different colours, art styles and materials, thus improving their vocabulary. In MuzArt’s Foundation Art Level 2 course, students can also enhance their 4W1H essay writing skills, when they explore the “why”, “where”, “who”, “what” and “how” of their drawings. When analysing their paintings, they also learn how to articulating their thoughts or choose appropriate words to describe their art pieces better.

“Nathen has attended lessons in MuzArt since 2018 and learning from the teachers for a few years. I can see from his initial artwork that it was more amateur. Overtime, he has pick up the skills and see more improvement in the artwork. So I am happy with his progress.” – Nathen’s Mum


Organise thoughts & boost memory

Kids can learn to brainstorm and structure their thoughts by drawing a mind map. It is especially beneficial for kids who are visual learners and are good at using graphics to bring across ideas. The mind-mapping approach is used in MuzArt’s classes to help students have fun while learning and also boost memory recall, comprehension and problem-solving skills. Especially in the Foundation Art Level 2 course, students draft and plan using mind maps, then draw and paint from memory.


Embrace challenges

Children should learn how to face challenges from a young age. During a group art class, it’s natural for kids to compare their artworks with their classmates’ but the important point is to teach them to respect the works of others. They should also learn not to feel discouraged if an art piece doesn’t turn out to be as good as they hoped and instead incorporate feedback constructively to improve their skills.

To further facilitate students to embrace challenges, Muzart organises an annual art competition for students across their learning centres. Not only does the competition test their creativity, art knowledge and technical skills, it also spurs them to create a masterpiece with resilience, passion and determination.

Throughout the centre’s curriculum, Muzart educators also focus on teaching kids to have a growth mindset – not to be discouraged by failures but to believe that the talents, intelligences and abilities that every kid has can be further developed by experience and practice.

“Art does not only help you in the intellectual qualities but also helps you grow as a person.” — Nathen, MuzArt’s Star Student

Click here to watch the video interview, where Nathen and his mom share what art is to them and the importance of art. 


About MuzArt

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