Why developing the confidence of public speaking is important for children?

At Speech Language Lab, we believe in nurturing young minds with our programmes. We believe every child is unique, and we have tailor-made programmes suited for each individual student. Speech Language Lab has four programmes: public speaking, preschool, foundation, and therapy.

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Our mission for our public speaking programme is to help children learn the art of speechcraft by providing them with a “toolbox” for writing effective speeches. We will teach them how to incorporate rhetorical devices, insert personal anecdotes, and hone research skills by utilizing current events to boost the credibility of their speeches. Apart from improving their speechcraft, students will develop their confidence by discovering their unique voice in their speech delivery. We will fine tune their tonality, voice projection, body language, and hand gestures to customize a speaking style suited for each individual student. Lastly, we will inject fun into our public speaking classes using LEGO –by having students craft speeches on their LEGO creations, they can enjoy playtime simultaneously improving public speaking skills. As they build their confidence, they will nurture their inner leader!

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We believe the crucial period a child develops his or her worldview happens as early as the preschool years. Hence, we will create a fun and dynamic environment in our three-hour preschool programme for children to learn English, maths, and Chinese.

While the preschool years are a time when students can afford to be free-spirited and carefree, they must learn how to effectively transition to the heightened intensity of Primary School. Our Foundation Programme will assist students in managing this transition smoothly.

As children might encounter stressful or disappointing situations at school or at home, Speech Language Lab provides varies therapeutic services to help children manage their emotions and behaviour. Such services include play therapy, occupational therapy, behavioural and special needs education, and speech therapy.

Education is not solely tied to academics; it should be a holistic experience. Thus, we also incorporate LEGO to help students develop their logic, teamwork, numeracy, and creativity. Our students will also develop creative self-expression through arts and crafts. By combining academic learning with social skills learning, we strive to create well-rounded individuals who will one day become the movers and shakers of society.

Special Needs Education:

Speech Language Lab is inclusive, meaning we include children with special needs into our programme together with mainstream students. In Singapore, a student is considered to have special needs if:

  1. He or she has been diagnosed with a disability.
  2. He or she shows greater difficulty in learning as compared to his or her peers of the same age.
  3. He or she will benefit from a different learning environment instead of a mainstream educational programme.

At Speech Language Lab, our therapeutic services will help such students develop coping mechanisms to better manage theemotions that come with being a child with special needs. Such services include play therapy, occupational therapy, behavioural and special needs education, and speech therapy. 

Public speaking
  • Speechcraft
  • Leadership training
  • Self confidence building
  • Art
3 hours Pre-school
  • English, Maths & Chinese
Foundation programme
  • Help preschool students transition to primary school
Therapy programme
  • Play therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Behavioural and special education

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