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Why I choose to sent my boy to Childcare at 18 months old

I sent my boy to childcare at 18 months old.

Although I have a maid and my dad can help to look after during the day, I still sent him to childcare. Why?

At home, there’s hardly any ‘meaningful activity’ during the day. He just plays on his own while my maid is busy with housework and preparing his food/clothes/etc.

My dad is not trained in education and does not know how to teach or what to teach. All he will do is play with my boy, bring him down for walks and let him watch TV. Nothing much learnt at home during the day when we are at work.

At childcare, my boy learnt to interact with other children. He learnt to share (something which is quite hard to teach at home since he’s the only child at the moment). He learnt to be more vocal and verbalise his needs. He learnt to feed himself (something which may not happen with my maid and dad spoiling him at home). He learnt to pack up after himself (must put all the toys back at original place; though we enforce this at home, it’s hard for him to carry it out. At school, all the kids do it together, so there’s some peer pressure). He also learn to stand up for himself and defend himself when bullied. They also taught him to be very hygienic (must wipe up or wash up immediately after getting dirty).

Alot of ‘softskills’ which is hard for us to teach at home due to doting grandparents is taught in childcare.

Then there’s academic knowledge too. They have storytelling everyday, song & dance, flashcards, art & crafts, etc etc. Their day is so fun filled. My boy enjoyed it very much.

Of cos the usual concerns of falling sick easily, getting HFMD, etc was there too.
We chose a SMALL childcare, not crowded, well seperated classes, good hygiene practices. In my boy’s 1.5 years there, he got HFMD once but it was from church, not from childcare.

Before we started him in the CCC, we started him on some supplements to help boost his immune system. Probiotics, colostrum and multivits (due to his poor appetite at that time) were given 2-3 months before he started CCC.

He did not fall sick often like what others would mention. He only fell sick twice, once with HFMD, once with flu (got it from me & my hb).

Since we have extra help at home, my parents will take turns to pick my boy up at 5pm everyday instead of waiting till closing time, 7pm. My hb starts work rather late, so he sends my boy in at around 9+am everyday.

Now that my boy is older and easier to manage (more independant, will spend his time doodling, writing, playing on his own), we send him to a kindergarten (few hours a day). It’s more academic focused, which is what hb & I want.

It’s really up to individual needs and wants, plus how much your family can chip in to help Smile
I think since it’s SAHM or WAHM, for 3yo kid, can find a preschool for few hours a day instead of CC (Pre-nursery like my boy).
I know of SAHMs who send their kids to half day CC to have some ‘alone time’ and some time to catch up on housework. Some of them have A FEW kids at home (young babies), so they send the older ones to CC so that they can manage the baby in the day.





Hi all

My little gal is going to be 4 months old soon.

I am searching for childcentres online to pre-enrol my child into 18 mths’ programme in 2 years’ time.

Is it a norm for childcare centres to accept deposit in order to secure a place for the child?

Please advise.

Thanks very much.



Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Great advice, thank you for

Great advice, thank you for sharing.

tks for sharing your view

tks for sharing your view

Great sharing

Great sharing Mrs Wong.

I’m all for full day child care. Sent both my kids to CC when they were 2 yo. Besides the studies bit, they also learned to be independent and had friends to play with.

As I worked full-time then, sending them to full day child care was a necessity. Although my parents could have helped me to look after my kids, I didn’t want to "tax" and tire my parents. In any case, by sending them to CCC, we never need to employ a maid and  have the mental and emotional stress of dealing with maids.



I too, agree with you that

I too, agree with you that the kids can learn a lot of soft skills in the childcare.

But, i’ve not sent my #3 to childcare yet even though he has just crossed the 18 mths mark.  He is still like a baby to me…  since he is the youngest and is quite small build for his age.  Was a bit reluctant to put him to a childcare now.  But I’ve just put down a deposit for a place for him in the same childcare my #2 is currently attending.  My plan was to send him in next year, when he turns two.  then again, i may send him in earlier now…

Likewise, we started

Likewise, we started sending our DS to half-day child care when he was 18 months old.

Likewise it was not because we do not have willing caregivers, but to let him learn how to socialise with other "princes" and "princesses" and to "some" extent, be "bullied" by them.

Beside supplements, it is also important for our kids to get enough regular exercises. Bring them to the park, to the playground, let them run about daily. It helps to keep the bugs away.

I totally agree with you!

I’ve also signed my son up for half day childcare when he turns 2 even though my parents and MIL are able to take care of him when I’m at work (I’m working part time). My husband suggested continuing hiring a domestic helper, however I’m not too keen due to lack of privacy and I feel it’s very difficult to discipline him as being the only grandson/son, he gets too much attention and pampering. I feel that having a few hours at school is benificial for his development and also for me as I can use the mornings on my off days to do hsework or run errands . =) But the downside is I’m worried abt him getting sick frequently once he starts schooling. Will hit your advice and start boosting his immune system now. Thanks!

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