Why is My Child Inattentive?

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This is the most common question that parents present to us at BrainFit Studio. When their child is inattentive, parents often blame it on lack of motivation or poor attention span. However, this is usually the case only for a small group of students.

There are many reasons why a child may show inattentive behaviours. We will list two common reasons here. Firstly, a bright child may not be a natural listener. This does not mean there is something wrong with their ears or hearing. Just like some people are born with less body flexibility, some children may not have listening as a natural strength. If a child has such a weakness, they may need to focus really hard to follow verbal information, especially when there are multi-step instructions. They may also not be able to remember all the steps and hence miss out information, appearing careless and inattentive. Other children with the same weakness may get mentally fatigued or “switch-off” when there is too much verbal information, just like adults “switch-off” or “lose track” when we need to follow a tedious piece of argument.

Secondly, some children may take more time to process information. Again, this does not mean that there is something wrong with their brains. Just like some of us are not quick with ball games, some children may not be quick enough in thinking through information. When this happens, children can show increasing inattentive behaviours when learning demands increase. This is because without good thinking speed, information is easily missed.

As we celebrate a new year, our children will be expected to tackle a more demanding school load and more complex learning tasks. It is a great time to perform a brain fitness evaluation to ensure our little ones have all the brain power and speed needed to succeed in the new school year. If your child has already demonstrated inattentive behaviours in the last school year, before you decide that “lack of motivation” is the cause, do get a brain fitness evaluation to ensure there are no other obstacles causing those behaviours. Remember that school work only gets harder with each new year so our brains need to be in tip-top shape to excel in school.

At Brainfit Studio, we have been using neuroscientific brain fitness programmes to build faster and more attentive brains in more than 5000 learners since 2001.

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